Bedroom Game – Anvil

Having long hair did it to you
Getting on my back on rubbing it too
Since that day you’ve had to pay
Just wanting to get me, get me for a lay
Your blonde hair felt so nice
Looking at you was paradise
Getting drunk in the middle of the night
Going to bed was out of sight

Bedroom game
Ya know it’s always the same
Bedroom game

I said I’d go ten so did you
But in the end you were the loser too
You went crazy after that night
Just making trouble wanting to fight
I’ll pack you in ’cause you’re not for me
It’s hard to understand but it’s got to be
I used you that morning when I told you to go
Don’t show me tears, I don’t want to know

Oh baby give it to me

I’ll pack you in ’cause you’re not for me

Lyric Bedroom Game – Anvil