Before Dawn – Aion

Tell me about your dreams
The time has stopped our souls
Have joined our dreams have created
The beautiful sight
Before dawn everything is so real

The scream is waking me up I’m alone
My beloved left me before dawn
Why are you doing it to me
Please stay wrap my tormented soul
I want to touch your lips but you
Walk away to the different world

Let’s talk…

The scream is pulling me out of
The abyss of my dreams
I’m alone You walk away before dawn again
Please stay wrap my tormented soul
I want to look into your eyes
But you walk away to the other dimention

What had happened why didn’t you
Come to me this night fear despair
Are flowing around my heart

It’s impossible that I won’t ever see you
I won’t believe that our beautiful dreams
Will disappear
I beg you: come for a last time
And take me to the other side

Lyric Before Dawn – Aion