Category: BEHEMOTH

Black Visions Of The Almighty – Behemoth

the wildness and hate are born I draw the magic signs in the air the pride, act of holy bastards burnt here’s no more place for them there’s no day, only the moon and the night I turn into ashes all the holyness I destroy the altars of contempt with my sword then I hide […]

Inauguration Of Scorpio Dome – Behemoth

mere selem I em’a den lashtal lvcifer! lvcifer! aivass! so every man and woman is a star but who is scorpio by fire ring’d where fall means increase? when on the throne ov life he seats the bloody sword ov freedom sways and light ov hells in his eyes and secret breath ov love as […]

Antichristian Phenomenon – Behemoth

and felt his breath upon my neck I was granted with the pain divine and my voice was heard no more in heaven great in power thus call’st me almighty in not be first archangel I shall be the last among thee come over to seduce your angels been born to rape your mother’s holy […]

In The Garden Of Dispersion – Behemoth

where ye sun behind horizon hides there is nothing except our breaths and crux of events and some crux ov our hands on ye hill where shadow wings fell wind rose ye to song and we plung’d in its deep and in plaitiv waterfall depths evanescent recollection ov atavisms secret ov living in ye death […]

Fields Of Haar-Meggido – Behemoth

observe the message from the darkside of the moon spectral warrior all in icy steel as I proudly touch my cold weapon the pagan steel sighs with the fullmoon WARRIOR: so the war has just began enslaved nations of the tombworld can finally reach their weapons NARRATION: evil arrives in glory, comes on the four […]