Performer BEHEMOTH

Pan Satyros – Behemoth

rise I through ye spiral light follow’d I ye path ov a’yin, where ye all-begetting eye rests across ye cascade […]

Vinvm Sabbati – Behemoth

by the silver moonrays – towards the foundation reflecting themselves and creating deadly forms ov life vinvm sabbati crystal formula […]

Deathcrush – Behemoth

Demonic laughter your cremation Your lungs gasp for air but are filled with blood A sudden crack as I crushed […]

Thou Shalt Forever Win – Behemoth

Burden of millenial slavory Forest, eternat wander Extending beyond earthly dimensions Gods will return to their graces together with me […]

The Dark Forest – Behemoth

Whispers of woods were growing With every moment I felt them paying enormous tributes Powers, which were still alive at […]

Dragon’s Lair – Behemoth

Through the shining woods, Blue grass of wisdom grows Around the oaken roots… Where golden dragons fly And the sorcerers […]

Dark Triumph – Behemoth

comes a sound of triumph I hear his voice a dawn of evil prayer a raise of million hands revelation […]