Performer BELIEVER

Sanity Obscure – Believer

the angels prepare for the harvest separation of the wicked and righterous the corrupt the fire infests Sifting of humanity […]

Nonpoint – Believer

adulteration of man’s breath the sky pours forth rains of acid waters of life now bring death Clear cuts expose […]

Wisdom’s Call – Believer

and continue to reject the calling of wisdom fools mock at making amends for sin you fools detest turning from […]

Dimentia – Believer

I. Reason argues the existence of God. If the incarnate was crucifed, the dialectical paradox concludes, that God has already […]

Shadow Of Death – Believer

Running scared, fighting for your life. Swords are drawn, midst the battle strife. You feel your life slip away. Limbs […]

Not Even One – Believer

No one is righteous, not even one, there is no one who understands. The Anointed One of God they shun. […]

Future Mind – Believer

I. Living proof of what can be, escaping from life’s tragedy learning through another’s mind, to catch a glimpse beyond […]

Gone – Believer

I feel fine now. The past is gone. The book reads my name. I’ve been issued a new life. Stupidity […]

Tormented – Believer

When evil men advance to devour my flesh, When enemies attack, their will to oppress. When bloody wars break loose […]