Performer BEN HARPER

I’ll Rise – Ben Harper

with your bitter twisted lies you may tread me down in the very dirt and still like the dust I’ll […]

Better Way – Ben Harper

One, two, one, two, three I’m a living sunset Lightning in my bones Push me to the edge But my […]

Alone – Ben Harper

Freedom it leaves me so confined Every single bone has cracked But in this life, you can’t turn back I […]

Suzie Blue – Ben Harper

Won’t you sing me the blues Sing me something my heart can use; misery loves a symphony Does your face, […]

Jah Work – Ben Harper

your brother man cause a heart speaks louder than a color can and why would you even shake a man’s […]

Beloved One – Ben Harper

knockin’ upon love’s door begging for someone to let us in knowing this we can agree to keep each other […]

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