Breakhouse – Benediction

Like clockwork run the cells An unearthly silent din A constant toll of bells Mocking laughter evermore No sight of […]

Blood From Stone – Benediction

Pay the piper or face the fall Unpleasant benevolence Undesired, it’s your defence Rotting flavoured retribution Burning hotly in your […]

Nightfear – Benediction

Adverse twisted minds Grip of fear within the flesh Is eating you alive Ruins the lives of innocent A fitful […]

Nervebomb – Benediction

Gratify the nihilist, begin brain arrest Nervebomb – emaciated nervous tract Nervebomb – to this torture I react Panic inside […]

Ashen Epitaph – Benediction

The rupture of the brain from flesh, children of the black. Devouring mother, call her blessed, with impetus they lack. […]

Artefacted Irreligion – Benediction

Contained in Blood Scrawl, Compiled evil Artefacts, Insane Instigators of ritualistic Pacts. Necronomicon Bestial Methods, age old torrid Acts, If […]

We, The Freed – Benediction

Harvest growth to captivate Liberate your mind Seek the truth, co-operate Removal of the grind Supposition, theorise Germinate and seed […]

West Of Hell – Benediction

Macabre life at home Dominating Father figure Sadist to the bone Ape-like looks the doting parent Prone to fits of […]

I Bow To None – Benediction

Many laddered mental maze burnt Forever is the time that I walked along Sufferance in silence is my syndrome Take […]

Foetus Noose – Benediction

Umbilicus, a weaved choke, hung in time, frail neck is broke. Aborted form’s placenta shroud, writhe in untold fear. Suffer […]

The Bodiless – Benediction

…of mind without a host – Dreams unfulfilled Ominous mental man – Leave me bodiless Percept disincarnate – Physical regress […]

Face Without Soul – Benediction

Illusive dream, poisoned with no control Consuming time, condemned arise from glassy sleep A vengeful mind, prowling into dreams it […]

Experimental Stage – Benediction

Clawed Fingers forcing iron Bars, Visions of tortured Misery, Semi-human Tears of frustated Rage, Hunched up in this fuckin’ Cage […]

The Grotesque – Benediction

Conceiving the grotesque. Nothing is but what is not. Screeds of verbiage, never explained. Gazing at the flames. Inside the […]

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