Performer BESEECH

In Her Arms – Beseech

Please help me die, please end my tears Standing by the sea, watching her rageing waves Beautyful as she, no […]

The Winterflame – Beseech

A wind blows cold into my face, as the shadows catches me Don’t you hear the whispers…. Calling out your […]

Moonride – Beseech

Dirty little angels, is looking at me God ripped out my eyes, he closed the door to heaven He gave […]

Rainbowman – Beseech

Colors are all gone But in shelter of the time, by the breeze of dawn Comes a man, and today […]

Dimension – Beseech

Caressed by its beauty, I will travel through space and time The life I once lived, is forgotten and has […]

Inhuman Desire – Beseech

Reflections of the dead Eternal life, eternal lust With patience we must die I turn away from this world to […]

Shadowscape – Beseech

I hold the seven keys, to places you never been I show you secrets, of things you never have seen […]