Rain – Bette Midler

Come on down thunder. Come on down raindrops. Don’t leave me to wonder. Life ain’t worth loving, Love ain’t worth […]

Dreamland – Bette Midler

There’s a place way up high, Starry bright there, through the night there. Close your eyes. let your wishes fly. […]

In My Life – Bette Midler

There are places i remember All my life, though some have changed. Some forever, not for better. And some have […]

Red – Bette Midler

Oooh, the spectrum made a shade i like! Ooh, those crinsom rays of ruby bright. Ah! the technicolor li-i-ight! Red! […]

Cool Yule – Bette Midler

Somebody’s gonna make a happy trip Tonight, while the moon is bright He’s gonna have a bag of crazy toys […]

Marahuana – Bette Midler

But the mexican sunlight seems so lifeless and cold. Sad and forlorn, i try to find consolession With a man […]

Mambo Italiano – Bette Midler

because he missed the scenery, the native dancers and the charming songs. But wait a minute, something’s wrong. Hey! Hey! […]

Paradise – Bette Midler

Where lovers go and flowers grow Forever more; Where time is standing still And lovers fill the quiet places By […]

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