Fever – Bette Midler

Never know how much I care. When you put your arms around me, I get a fever that’s so hard […]

Skylark – Bette Midler

Can you tell me where my love may be? Is there a meadow in the mist Where he’s just waiting […]

Twisted – Bette Midler

My analyst told me That i was right out of my head. The way he described it he said, “you’d […]

Love TKO – Bette Midler

Oooooh Lookin’ back over my years I guess I’ve shed some tears. Told myself time and again this time I’m […]

Baby Mine – Bette Midler

Baby mine, dry your eyes. Rest your head close to my heart, Never to part, baby of mine. Little one, […]

Big Spender – Bette Midler

I could see you were a man of distinction. A real big spender, Good lookin’, so refined. Say, wouldn’t you […]

Birds – Bette Midler

Last week i ate an earth shoe. oh, did i sing the ballad yet? was it wonderful? oh, did i […]

Boxing – Bette Midler

Have happened lately when i Take a good swing And all my dreams They pivot and slip. I drop my […]

I’m Hip – Bette Midler

See, i’m hip. i’m no square. I’m alert, i’m awake, i’m aware. I am always on the scene. Makin’ the […]

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