Bottomless – Bette Midler

And the still air is sweet with summer flowers; In the shade by the stream i would lie awake and dream, And in dreaming i would while away the hours. Long, long gone yesterday, And the castle and the prince and the god to whom i pray. Well, i made, and i’m gonna lie in […]

Favorite Waste Of Time – Bette Midler

My-i-i-i-i-i, baby, you’re my favorite waste of time. Here i am, i’m playing daydreaming fool again. My favorite game. And you are the one who’s got my head in the clouds above. You’re the one that i love and You’re my-i-i-i-i-i, baby, you’re my favorite waste of time. My-i-i-i-i-i, baby, you’re my favorite waste of […]

Everythings Coming Up Roses – Bette Midler

It’s gonna come true, baby. They think that we’re through, but baby, You’ll be swell! you’ll be great! Gonna have the whole world on the plate! Starting here, starting now, Honey, everything’s coming up roses! Clear the decks! clear the tracks! You’ve got nothing to do but relax. Blow a kiss. take a bow. Honey, […]

One For My Baby (and One More For The Road) – Bette Midler

Bette: “well, you know, when they asked me to come on and. . . i can’t believe it! the last, the last guest. the last fool mr. carson will have to suffer gladly. you are the wind beneath m Gs. oh, well he is.” Quarter to three. there’s no one in the place Except you […]

Whose Side Are You On? – Bette Midler

My heart skips a beat. Every time i kiss you I feel love from my head to my feet. Somethin’ deep within me, baby, Sayin’ you should be mine. Don’t you know, baby, somewhere I got to, i got to draw the line? Tell me, baby, whose side are you on? Are you wih me, […]

Memories Of You – Bette Midler

Heaven knows I would if I could. But I just can’t keep you off my mind. Though you’re gone, I have to explain, all around me you still remain. Wonder why fate should be so unkind? Waking skies at sunrise, every sunset, too, seems to be bringing me memories of you. Here and there, everywhere, […]

You Don’t Know Me – Bette Midler

And then you say, “hello.” And i can hardly speak, My heart is beating so. And anyone can tell You think you know me well. Hell, you don’t know me. You don’t know me. You don’t know the one Who dreams of you at night; Longs to kiss your lips And longs to hold you […]

Mambo Italiano – Bette Midler

because he missed the scenery, the native dancers and the charming songs. But wait a minute, something’s wrong. Hey! Hey! Now it’s hey Mambo, Mambo Italiano! Hey Mambo, Mambo Italiano! Go, go, Joe, you mixed up Sigiliano. All you Calabrese do the mambo like crazy. And hey Mambo! Don’t wanna tarantella, Hey Mambo! No more-a […]

I’m Beautiful – Bette Midler

“this is the divine miss m and i’m here to share with you some rare and stimulating insight into my cosmic fabulosity. it’s really very simple. i smiply believe with all my heart:” I’m beautiful, i’m beautiful, i’m beautiful, dammit! I’m beautiful, i’m beautiful, i’m beautiful, dammit! I’m beautiful, so beautiful, i’m beautiful, dammit! I’m […]

To Comfort You – Bette Midler

It seems like forever. Now, what have they done to you? Not a single thing’s turned out The way you imagined. It all looks unreachable to you. You don’t know for the life of you What is missing, Or why it always happens to you. And you don’t like yourself, You feel nobody’s listening. You […]

Chapel Of Love – Bette Midler

Whoa-o-o-o, birds all sing as if they knew, Today’s the day we’ll say, “i do,” And we’ll never be lonely anymore. Because we’re goin’ to the chapel And we’re gonna get married, Goin’ to the chapel And we’re gonna get married, Gee, i really love you And we’re gonna get married, Goin’ to the chapel […]

Stay With Me – Bette Midler

Who did you run to? Find a shoulder to lay your head upon. Baby, wasn’t i there? Didn’t i take good care of you? But, oh, no. i can’t believe you’re leaving me, yeah. Stay with me, baby. I’m beggin’ you to stay with me, baby. Yeah, stay with me, baby. I can’t go on. […]

Stuff Like That There – Bette Midler

I was alone on a shelf In a world by myself. Oh, where could my prince charming be? But a man came along, Made my life like a song, And taught me these words of ecstasy, Tenderly. I want some huggin’ and some squeezin’ And some muggin’ and some teasin’ And some stuff like that […]

The Last Time – Bette Midler

Let this be the last time, ooooooh. Let this be the last time. Let this be the last time, ooooooh. I have no guts. i have no pride. My heart is weak. my love is blind. When your game is up i’ll still be by your side. If you love me at all, let this […]

Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler

It must have been cold there in my shadow, To never have sunlight on your face. You were content to let me shine, that’s your way. You always walked a step behind. So i was the one with all the glory, While you were the one with all the strain. A beautiful face without a […]

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel – Bette Midler

And ransom captive Israel That mourns in lonely exile here Until the Son of God appear Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel Shall come to thee, O Israel. O come, Thou Rod of Jesse, free Thine own from Satan’s tyranny From depths of Hell Thy people save And give them victory o’er the grave Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel Shall […]

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes – Bette Midler

When you’re fast asleep In dreams you will lose your heartache Whatever you wish for you keep Have faith in your dreams And someday, your rainbow will come shining through No matter how your heart is grieving If you just keep believing The dream that you wish will come true A dream is a wish […]

Let Me Just Follow Behind – Bette Midler

You’re an angel, my dear, And you ease my mind. I’ll not kiss or hold you, my dear. Would you let me just follow behind. Now, i have loved me many fine men. Oh, so many fine men Had a bed to share. I would trade these lovers gladly, my friend, For a glimpse of […]

Big Noise From Winnetka – Bette Midler

They called her big noise from winnetka, against her no one stood a chance. Big noise blew in from winnetka, stole each fellow’s heart and then, Big noise blew in from winnetka, big noise blew right out again. Boys were sighing, their girlfriends crying, hearts were pounding when; The big noise dances, hence romances, it’s […]

Make Yourself Comfortable – Bette Midler

To put you in the mood. The phone is off the hook So no one can intrude. I feel romantic And the record changes automatic, baby. Sweetheart, we hurried through the dinner And we hurried through the dance. We left before the picture show was through. Why did we hurry through the dinner And hurry […]

Paradise – Bette Midler

Where lovers go and flowers grow Forever more; Where time is standing still And lovers fill the quiet places By the shore. We will cross a rainbow To a place where we’ll be free, And he’ll give his love to me. So i wait for the day When he takes me away to Paradise. He’ll […]

Friends – Bette Midler

There is no one here beside me. And my problems have all gone. There is no one to deride me. But you got to have friends. The feeling’s oh so strong. You got to have friends To make that day last long. I had some firends but they’re gone, Somethin’ came and took them away. […]

Cradle Days – Bette Midler

I still had about a foot to grow. Whoa-ooh, i must have been only maybe seventeen. It was a very long time ago. Actually we raised each other; You, our kids and myself. You wait ’til you become a part of me, Then you wanna put me on the shelf. Woah, that first kiss you […]

Keep On Rockin’ – Bette Midler

Lord, about the hard sides of rock and roll. They say you can’t make no money, Oo, unless you’re the rolling stones. I put a chip on my shoulder; Gave me the fire in my in my blood. Children of the earth, Listen what i say. You made rock and roll What it is today. […]

Billy-a-dick – Bette Midler

Sayin’ my prayers and lightly confessin’, I can hear hot licks From a set of drums upstairs. Well, it couldn’t be Johnny ’cause he isn’t there; Johnny’s overseas. we no not where. But, believe it or not, every night on the dot I can hear a tenor drum say: Billy-a-dick, billy-a-dick, tick, tack. When’s that […]

Moonlight Dancing – Bette Midler

Underneath the starry sky? How ’bout a little bit, a little bit of moonlight dancin’? Just the moon and you and i. Mmm, just the moon and you and i. Moonlight dancin’, mmm, moonlight dancin’. How ’bout a little bit, a little bit of late night romance Underneath the starry sky? How ’bout a little […]

Come On-A My House – Bette Midler

Come on-a my house, my house, I’m-a gonna give you apple and a plum and an apricot or two, ah! Come on-a my house, my house come on. Come on-a my house, my house-a come on. Come on-a my house, my house, I’m-a gonna give you figs and dates and grapes and a cake, ah! […]

Do You Want To Dance – Bette Midler

Tell me you’re my lover man. Oh baby, do you wanna dance? We could dance under the moonlight, Hug and kiss all through the night. Oh baby, tell me, do you wanna dance with me baby? Do you, do you, do you, do you want to dance? Do you, do you, do you want to […]

Ukulele Lady – Bette Midler

There’s something tender in the moonlight on honolulu bay And all the beaches are full of peaches Who bring their ukes along And in the glimmer of the moonlight They love to sing the song If you like a ukulele lady Ukulele lady like a you If you want to linger where it’s shady Ukulele […]

Love Me With A Feeling – Bette Midler

Rose: “all right, we all turn to page 438. now, you know we all gonna sing along. oh, i do love a revue.” Ohhhhhh! You know, women don’t like this woman, ’cause i always speak my mind. But the men ain’t crazy about me, ’cause i love to take my time. If you’re gonna love […]

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