Better Days – TQ

All of the crazy things that we’ve been through
And my mama she told me there were gonna be days like this
And I guarantee she was tellin’ the truth
When I open my eyes I see Eazy
No more thuggin’ just lovin’ every day
In the heavens above with his DJ
Listenin’ to music that I just made


Just wanna say a little somethin’ for the people that done passed away
Now tell me can you feel it
When you’re livin’ in better days
And I pray that God’ll be listenin’
If we try that we can one day be
For one time in your life
Everything is alright
Until that happens I’ll be on my knees beggin for a better way

And my background sing
Now every once in a while
I remember that I
I miss my grand daddy

Lyric Better Days – TQ