Beyond The Glacial Wall – Bellator

A vast remaining structure, remnant of the past
Ancient and forgotten, senescent, through Time
Somewhere in our knowledge, a cipher in our mind.

“A murderous quiet impression
in deep chromatic blue
Embedded in lethargy
our anorganic roots
A shining fair transcendent
An awe-inspiring view
Conceiling all the answers
The Mystic Absolute”

Tormented by desolation, the black night of the soul
Exhausted and unconscious, existance on parole

An altered state of pleasure, better known as pain
Attending the foretold arrival, while growing insane

“The water’s slowly swirling, the death-like silence dies
A noise is quickly swelling, the dark recesses sigh
A lightning-blinded vision, an entire race defied

Lyric Beyond The Glacial Wall – Bellator