Beyond Tomorrow – Stan Ridgway

Beyond tomorrow
Beyond tomorrow
Beyond tomorrow
Beyond tomorrow

We will be driving in
Little time bombs everywhere
On a street in a skyscraper
With aluminum hair
There’ll be someone downstairs
Collecting all our names
Numbers all in a file somewhere
Everyone will be saved

Chorus repeat

Someone will be in the air
In a plane by the sea
I could be anywhere at all
If I could just be
I’ll eat candied policemen
You’ll eat farmers from hell
Everyone will be very modern
Can’t you tell?

Chorus repeat

There could be another one
Come from the East
With a mark on his head
The sign of the beast
Then we will all extinguish
From this thing we call yeast
Did we come from yeast?

Chorus repeat

Way back whenЁCЁCin a petri dish
We were mated with some weird kind of fish
Then we grew arms and legs
Now we have ’em alive, no eggs

In a room far away near the capitol
There’s a box that sits on someone’s skull
We’ll all be waitin’ for the word comin’ down

Lyric Beyond Tomorrow – Stan Ridgway