Performer BIG RICH

Rollin’ – Big & Rich

to share our love of music i present to you, country music withour preduce country boys don’t rock and roll…yeah […]

Saved – Big & Rich

Just for looking at me wrong Anger so strong I couldn’t stop myself I was killing myself one shot at […]

Blow My Mind – Big & Rich

Tell me brothers sisters Do you listen when it rains? Are you worried something’s Gonna end it all the day? […]

Real World – Big & Rich

I know she’s gonna fall in love with me And I’m gonna win the lottery tomorrow Or the next day […]

Love Train – Big & Rich

Who’s right… democrats or republicans I don’t care who’s right or wrong I know a way we can all get […]

Big Time – Big & Rich

For your taste my friend My car might cost a little less Then that suit your wearing I’m glad you […]

Kick My Ass – Big & Rich

I laid down my platinum card Then I ordered fifty longnecks for my new friends Well the barmaid passed them […]

Holy Water – Big & Rich

I use to watch her wear it well Everything would shine wherever she would go But looking at her now […]