Performer BILLY JOEL

Piano Man – Billy Joel

The regular crowd shuffles in There’s an old man sitting next to me Makin’ love to his tonic and gin […]

Allentown – Billy Joel

And they’re closing all the factories down Out in Bethlehem they’re killing time Filling out forms Standing in line Well […]

Surprises – Billy Joel

Don’t say a word Nobody noticed Nothing was heard It was committed discreetly It was handled so neatly And it […]

Leningrad – Billy Joel

And never saw his father anymore A child of sacrifice, a child of war Another son who never had a […]

Big Shot – Billy Joel

In your fine Park Avenue clothes You had the Dom Perignon in your hand And the spoon up your nose […]

Zanzibar – Billy Joel

Though he’s beathed in sweat he hasn’t lost his style Ali don’t you go downtown You gave away another round […]

My Life – Billy Joel

We used to be real close Said he couldn’t go on the American way Closed the shop, sold the house […]

Careless Talk – Billy Joel

That’s what you heard about me Jealous talk That’s what I heard about you Everybody’s telling lies I don’t even […]

Roberta – Billy Joel

But I see only what you’re paid to show me Oh, I wish you had the time Oh, I wish […]

Baby Grand – Billy Joel

When it’s dark and cold I reach out For someone to hold When I’m blue When I’m lonely She comes […]

Vienna – Billy Joel

You’re so ambitious for a juvenile But then if you’re so smart tell me why You are still so afraid? […]

Shameless – Billy Joel

I’d do anything you want me to I’d do anything at all And I’m standing here for all the world […]

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