Performer BILLY JOEL

The Stranger – Billy Joel

That we hide away forever And we take them out and Show ourselves When everyone has gone Some are satin […]

Laura – Billy Joel

Calls me In the middle of the night Passes on her Painful information Then these careless fingers They get caught […]

Pressure – Billy Joel

Pressure You’re just like everybody else Pressure You’ve only had to run so far So good But you will come […]

Code Of Silence – Billy Joel

Everybody wants to know the score What you went through It’s something you Should be over now Everybody wants to […]

Modern Woman – Billy Joel

With her high top sneakers of italian design With a long cool stare she aggravates the tension Makes up her […]

Stiletto – Billy Joel

But still you believe The wound is so fresh you can taste the blood BUt you don’t have strength to […]

Honesty – Billy Joel

It isn’t hard to find You can have the love you need to live But if you look for truthfulness […]

No Man’s Land – Billy Joel

Blue suits and bankers with their Volvos and their valentines Give us this day our daily discount outlet merchandise Raise […]

Christie Lee – Billy Joel

About a woman and a man Maybe you will find familiar Maybe you won’t understand The man’s name I don’t […]

Turn Around – Billy Joel

You don’t look back because you know your hands are clean You make believe the past was just a dream […]

Temptation – Billy Joel

I’ve got business to conduct And I’ve got places to go But I can’t help looking at her sleeping instead […]

This Night – Billy Joel

I wasn’t ready for a romance Didn’t we promise We would only be friends And so we danced Though it […]

Storm Front – Billy Joel

Off to starboard, daylight comes up fast Now I’m restless for the open water Red flags are flying fromhe Coast […]