Down For Life – Biohazard

There is no such thing, just natural behavior You see we’re family inside To say we’re down with you, yo […]

Stigmatized – Biohazard

Emotion so fucking hard to find, I center myself in this universe, With peace amongst all the pains and hurts, […]

Disease – Biohazard

From the things that are bathering me It’s been too long since I felt htis way From your sad life […]

Cleansing – Biohazard

All around a haze like a smoke screen, I can’t see you but you see me, But I might be […]

Panic Attack – Biohazard

Inside my mind I scream and shout Terrible anguish, what’s happening to me? Somebody please set my soul free Dug […]

Retribution – Biohazard

Why do you try and deceive Always twisting around what you say You better change your foolish ways This world […]

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