Retribution – Biohazard

Why do you try and deceive Always twisting around what you say You better change your foolish ways This world […]

Failed Territory – Biohazard

Condemned pressure cooker, that explodes in your face Another neighborhood gets destroyed by the drug deal Staking a claim on […]

Love Denied – Biohazard

He’s a worthless piece of shit, bad and dumb Generations pass down low self self esteem We’re molded by things […]

Authority – Biohazard

Or go to work like a jerk and end up snoring, Tuesday’s mail never fails, Collection agency wants me in […]

Hold My Own – Biohazard

tries to hold me down But guess what? I ain’t fucking around You can’t deny the pride that I have […]

Business – Biohazard

Tell me what is good for me and my career Fuck you and your selfish advice You’ve never been loyal […]

Blue Blood – Biohazard

Struggle to find a way You can feel the power It’s growing every day Fight for a change, Can’t wait […]

How It Is – Biohazard

You can see it in his face, he’s a weak and sad man Staring straight ahead, his eyes set like […]

Pride – Biohazard

Self doubt coming out from inside out Knock you down, across town all around the underground Shooting and disputing you’re […]

Each Day – Biohazard

To try and make things right I awake from the nightmare Another day closer to the grave With a personal […]

Gravity – Biohazard

But my reflex is to try to break out, Nature gives fight or flight syndrome, But my feet stay on […]

Urban Discipline – Biohazard

I’ve seen hunger, hunger, pleasure, pain, violence and crime I have learned from the mistakes of my friends that have […]