Performer BLACK KEYS

Elevator – Black Keys

I pick my floor, And if I wanna battle, I pick my war, Hold tight, Hold on, Hold tight, I […]

Just Got To Be – Black Keys

And other sinful matters, You’re gonna be mislead, Left there in tatters, I got to go because, Something’s on my […]

Nova Baby – Black Keys

I’ve seen you out, just hangin’ ’round It’s what you chose and I suppose You’ll need me one day, need […]

Lies – Black Keys

Yeah, you said the moon was ours To hell with the day The sunlight is only gonna take love away […]

Next Girl – Black Keys

It ain’t always the taste My ex girl she had Such a beautiful face I wanted love But not for […]

Summertime Blues – Black Keys

I’m-a gonna raise a holler, ‘Bout a-workin’ all summer just-a tryin’a earn a dollar, Told my congressman and he said […]

Heavy Soul – Black Keys

Thought of her wont let me be Go to the valley, climb the hill Whatever it takes darling, you know […]

Hard Row – Black Keys

Go on, I’ll understand But then the night gets dark, all is still Pray for me, I know you will […]

The Breaks – Black Keys

The speaker and listen with a sparkle In your eye as though you might be thinking ‘gee this is the […]

Sister – Black Keys

gonna wake up to nothing break up the break up is coming when you’re heart is hollow another pill to […]

Evil – Black Keys

Place no one above me, That was yesterday, It’s so far away, Girl, you’re evil, Evil as you can be, […]

These Days – Black Keys

I didn’t mean to After all Look what we’ve been through Men come in different shades That’s how we’re made […]

Yearnin’ – Black Keys

Darling I need you, Can you see I got the yearnin We’ve all day, I want your love Your special […]

Sinister Kid – Black Keys

And the streets are gray You know I wouldn’t have it Any other way Your mother’s words They’re ringing still […]

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