Performer BLACK KEYS

Evil – Black Keys

Place no one above me, That was yesterday, It’s so far away, Girl, you’re evil, Evil as you can be, […]

These Days – Black Keys

I didn’t mean to After all Look what we’ve been through Men come in different shades That’s how we’re made […]

Yearnin’ – Black Keys

Darling I need you, Can you see I got the yearnin We’ve all day, I want your love Your special […]

Sinister Kid – Black Keys

And the streets are gray You know I wouldn’t have it Any other way Your mother’s words They’re ringing still […]

Mind Eraser – Black Keys

I am the mind eraser Anything goes, yeah, anything goes Got this sin in her brain But she ain’t gonna […]

Goodbye Babylon – Black Keys

And what I found was not alright with me, Desperation, suffocation, And it’d been the same thing all along, Goodbye […]

Modern Times – Black Keys

But they don’t care at all, They’re gonna ease your pain and sorrow, But we heard the same before, All […]

No Fun – Black Keys

No fun, my baby, no fun No fun, my baby, no fun No fun to hang around Feelin’ that same […]

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