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Countdown – Black Keys

Countdown Countdown times I tried to Make you mine, cryin’ out Countdown times I tried to Tried to make you mine Well my heart goes out to him in time in need, but you Caused me pain for seven Times you breathe Cryin out Caused me pain Everytime you breathe Well you said you loved […]

Run Right Back – Black Keys

She’s gonna want to explode Better step aside Better run and hide She holds it all under hood That pretty hair of hers oh Screaming out In an electric shout She’s the worst thing I’ve been addicted to I still run right back Run right back to her Yeah, I jumped the track And I […]

Never Gonna Give You Up – Black Keys

No matter how you treat me Never gonna give you up So don’t you think of leavin’ Girl, you treat me bad And I know why I’ve seen you runnin’ around With another guy And you think if you hurt me That I’ll go away But, I’ve made up my mind that I’m here to […]

10 A. M. Automatic – Black Keys

Makes you change, yeah, Oh, from sweet, To deranged? What about my voice, Tells you who, Who’s been wrong to you? Yeah, You’ve got pains, Like an addict, I’m leavin’ you, You’ve got pains, Like an addict, 10 A. M. automatic, Alright, yeah…hey, I see darkness cover us, alright, And your car, Kicks up dust, […]

All Hands Against His Own – Black Keys

He found all eyes were lookin’ down, And the sun had left and gone, All his friends could not be found, Don’t talk about, don’t think about love, She’s not the one you’re dreamin’ of, Don’t talk about it, can’t live without it, You say you’re alone, He found all hands against his own, He […]

The Go Getter – Black Keys

I’ll be the Go Getter Yes I am I’ll be the Go Getter That’s my plan The Go Getter Hi-fi boom box Pretty girl in bobby socks Afterparty in a hotel room Pretty soon there will be no moon Stumble home in the pouring rain Let the water ease my worried brain Some days I […]

Have Love Will Travel – Black Keys

I travel from Maine down to Mexico To find that girl that loves me so No matter where I be I find that girl and she satisfy me Have love, will travel Have love, will travel If you need lovin, oh baby I travel If you need lovin, oh baby I travel I might take […]

No Trust – Black Keys

And her screaming and hollerin’ is getting mighty old She check every paper when you step out the room Ain’t go no trust in her mama Ain’t got no trust in her daddy Ain’t got no trust in her sister And she ain’t got trust in you She want a simple life She need a […]

Tighten Up – Black Keys

Most of all, most of all Someone said true love was dead And I’m bound to fall, bound to fall For you Oh, what can I do? Take my badge but my heart remains Lovin’ you, baby child Tighten up on your reigns You’re runnin’ wild, runnin’ wild It’s true Sick for days in so […]

The Only One – Black Keys

Nor can I contain Control You have on my soul It’s all I do I s baby dream of you I’m falling down When you’re around You’re the only one You’re the only one I’m so wrapped up in a blaze Hoping this is just a phase But when all is said and done I […]

My Mind Is Ramblin’ (Reprise) – Black Keys

From place to place Tell me, tell me What must I do? Yeah-hee yeah-hee Yeah-hee yeah~aww Hahh-hahh Ahh~ahh~ahh~ahh Ahh~ahh Ahh~ahh~ahh~ahh I been love Been love for a long time With you baby Gimme your hand, yeah Say you love me Say that you’ll be mine Yeah-hee yeah-hee Yeah-hee yeah Yeah-hee yeah-hee Yeah-hee yeah-hee~aww Oh-hoh Oh~oh~oh~oh […]

Strange Desire – Black Keys

Oh~ooh~oh, oh-oh, Oh~ooh~oh, oh~oh oh-oh, Oh~ooh~oh, oh-oh, I don’t wanna go to hell, But if I do, It’ll be ’cause of you, And a young man’s, Gonna make mistakes, Till he hits the brakes, My heart’s on fire, With a strange desire, Oh~ooh~oh, oh~oh oh-oh, Oh~ooh~oh, oh-oh, Oh~ooh~oh, oh~oh oh-oh, Oh~ooh~oh, oh-oh, All those birds, […]

Ten Cent Pistol – Black Keys

Late at night Holding hands And making light Of everything That came before But there she was Behind the door She hit them with her ten cent pistol Because they ruined her name Well, she hit them with her ten cent pistol And they’ve never been the same There’s nothing worse In this world Than […]

I Got Mine – Black Keys

I was a movin’ man in my younger days But I’ve grown out of my ramblin’ ways I left that road so far behind Now I know, oh baby I got mine I got mine I got mine Oh baby, I got mine So baby when I rolled, I rolled deep So much so, I […]

Never Say Never – Black Keys

See I never thought that I could walk through fire I never thought that I could take the burn I never had the strength to take it higher Until I reached the point of no return And there’s just no turning back When your heart’s under attack Gonna give everything I have It’s my destiny […]

The Lengths – Black Keys

What is goin’ wrong, I felt you leavin’, Before you’d even gone, Hold me now, Or never, ever, Hold me again, No more talk, Could take me from this, Pain I’m in, Pain I’m in, See the moonlight shinin’, On your window pane, See it leave you, As faithful as it came, Please yourself, So […]

Up (Remix) – Black Keys

It’s easy to get lost in it You’ve always been my girl And I’m not ready to call it quits We can make the sun shine in the moon light We can make the gray clouds turn to blue skies I know it’s hard Baby believe in me That we can’t go Nowhere but up […]