Lady Evil – Black Sabbath

Where they say the wind won’t blow And they only speak in whispers of her name There’s a lady they […]

Valhalla – Black Sabbath

Riding the cold cold winds of Valhalla The Kingdom of Odin is the Kingdom of Gods Where only souls of […]

Born Again – Black Sabbath

Deep into my room The tapestries all faded Their vague and distant glories concealed in the gloom Icy fingers of […]

Cornucopia – Black Sabbath

Keep it ’till another day Let them have their little game illusion helps to keep them sane Let them have […]

War Pigs – Black Sabbath

OZZY:We’re now gonna do a number now off our Paranoid album. OZZY: Its a number entitled War Pigs.’ OZZY:”GET UP!” […]

Jerusalem – Black Sabbath

The highway’s screamin’, callin’ out your name Cause every road that you travel on, there’s a price to pay. A […]

Gypsy – Black Sabbath

Fatalistic ships froma distant shore In the back of my mind I could see she was standing there Like the […]

Psychophobia – Black Sabbath

Hypnotised, an ever living soul with wings, Think you’re god but you never had control. Think you’re loved but there’s […]

Hard Road – Black Sabbath

World still turns as Father Time looks on, on and on Children playing, dreamers praying Laughter turns to tear as […]

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