Sweet Leaf – Black Sabbath

Alright Now! Won’t you listen? When I first met you, didn’t realize, I can’t forget you or your surprise You […]

Evil Eye – Black Sabbath

You watch every move, every word, every fantasy Got no time for love somethin’ on your mind Got the face […]

Trashed – Black Sabbath

It really was a meeting The bottle took a beating The ladies of the manor Watched me climb into my […]

Psycho Man – Black Sabbath

The killing chill takes over him His victims will not know when he appears The lust of Death’s possession Will […]

I Witness – Black Sabbath

Darkness which illuminates you There’s a place you’ve always wanted to be Whose pleasures always did escape you It’s always […]

Forbidden – Black Sabbath

‘Cause everything I do, you know that I can’t win. Say it isn’t right, but you say it isn’t wrong. […]

The Wizard – Black Sabbath

Without warning, the wizard walks by Casting his shadow, weaving his spell Funny clothes, tinkling bell Never talking Just keeps […]

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