Anno Mundi (The Vision) – Black Sabbath

Spirito sanctus anno anno mundi Spirito sanctus anno anno mundi (Spirito sanctus anno anno mundi) Can ya see me? Are ya near me? Can ya hear me cryin’ out for life? Can ya tell me, where’s the glory? Ride the days and sail the nights. (Spirito sanctus anno anno mundi) When it’s over, find the […]

Into The Void – Black Sabbath

Up into the night sky they blast Through the universe the engines whine Could it be the end of man and time Back on earth the flame of life burns low Everywhere is misery and woe Pollution kills the air, the land and sea Man prepares to meet his destiny Rocket engines burning fuel so […]

Rusty Angels – Black Sabbath

Cause I don’t think an angel could look anything like you Your eyes are made from saphires and your heart is made from stone You’ve gotta be the closest thing to hate I’ve ever known And if I didn’t know better I’ld say you had come alone.. to the party, oh yeah. The light is […]

Cornucopia – Black Sabbath

Keep it ’till another day Let them have their little game illusion helps to keep them sane Let them have their little toys fast sports cars and motor noise exciting in their plastic place frozen food in a concrete maze You’re gonna go insane I’m trying to save your brain I don’t know what’s happening […]

No Stranger To Love – Black Sabbath

Lonely ’till dawn Cry for the light For the love that won’t come You said that you’ld never Leave me alone I gave you my heart You cried for my soul An angel won’t come This devil won’t go Something is wrong I just can’t get away Living on the street, I’m no stranger to […]

Slipping Away – Black Sabbath

Nothing could make me stay, close your eyes and I’ll be gone Turn the page, yeah, time to start another story Slipping away, slipping away, time to move along No reason to stay oh, when I’m slipping away Take a look at yourself, you’ve been running in a circle Round and round you go, you’re […]

Sins Of The Father – Black Sabbath

Who lives inside your head But I think I’m breaking through the wall You are the innocent Convicted of the crime No one was ever there To catch you when you fall I see the diamonds But you only see the rock I need to run And you only crawl It’s time to open up […]

War Pigs – Black Sabbath

OZZY:We’re now gonna do a number now off our Paranoid album. OZZY: Its a number entitled War Pigs.’ OZZY:”GET UP!” Ohhh! Gen’rals gathered in their masses, Just like witches at black masses Evil minds that plot destruction, Sorcerer of death’s construction In the fields the bodies burning, As the war machine keeps turning Death and […]

Disturbing The Priest – Black Sabbath

de de de de de de death! Ahh ha ha ha ha half! Oh! Let’s try get to the sky Hang on or you’re going to die Sour life can turn sweet It’s laying at your feet Sweet child with an innocent smile Watches closely all the while Don’t be fooled when he cries Keep […]

Jerusalem – Black Sabbath

The highway’s screamin’, callin’ out your name Cause every road that you travel on, there’s a price to pay. A thousand eyes are starin’ but the blind still lead the blind Where will you turn if it all goes wrong and you’re on the run Jerusalem? Ohoh ohohoh Where will you turn if it all […]

Gypsy – Black Sabbath

Fatalistic ships froma distant shore In the back of my mind I could see she was standing there Like the feeling you have When you’ve been there before She was a gypsy woman She was as cold as the day, yeah She said I’d got it coming And then she took me away, yeah She […]

Under The Sun/Every Day Comes & Goes – Black Sabbath

No black magician telling me to get my soul out Don’t believe in violence, I don’t even believe in peace I’ve opened the door and my mind has been released Well I don’t want no preacher telling me about the god in the sky No I don’t want no one to tell me where I’m […]

Hot Line – Black Sabbath

When I’m going down won’t you throw me a line Lead me to religion take me up them stairs When I take a tumble will you sing me some prayers? When will you show me a sign? When will you throw me a line? Help me to the answer baby sit my prey I’m torn […]

Sick And Tired – Black Sabbath

Got no holes in my shoes You’re the reason all my friends are gone But I won’t run from you So many promises and you broke them all I forgive but I can’t forget You know you’re a fake but I just can’t take no more cause I’m tired of it I’m so tired So […]

Swinging The Chain – Black Sabbath

To be a civil judge All the songs are history now `Bout rock stars and their grudge Let us cast our minds back To thirty years or more You took up all the vandals Will Hitler beat `em all? And we’re sad and sorry Really sorry that it happened that way Yes we’re sad and […]

Psychophobia – Black Sabbath

Hypnotised, an ever living soul with wings, Think you’re god but you never had control. Think you’re loved but there’s no one there at all… My colours all run dry, and now I see the world in black and white. It’s too late now, it’s time to kiss the rainbow goodbye. Poison tears running from […]

I Won’t Cry For You – Black Sabbath

And ya try to justify the things you’ve done But there’s noone here to hear your tears fallin’ When ya turn around ya find out that you’re the lonely one And it feels like someone’s treadin’ on your shadow And you always thought that heaven knows for sure And it feels like you’re drownin’ in […]

I – Black Sabbath

K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0 I hmhmhm hmm hmhmhm hmm hmhmhm hmm I am anger Under pressure Left in cages A prisoner The first to escape I am wicked I am legion Strength in numbers A lie The number is one Chorus: I […]

Angry Heart – Black Sabbath

I thought the only thing that mattered was me You always told me it was just insane To feel such joy while others feel pain And there’s no way to change this angry heart Cause when love goes it will tear you apart And it’s been this way since time began It’s a desperate search […]

Too Late – Black Sabbath

When you’ve got to pay for Promises – made in the night Call the magic one And with the magic comes Forever chained to the flame Chorus: It’s too late Too late – for tears Too late – (And) no one hears you Do you feel the touch of evil (then) It’s too late To […]

Guilty As Hell – Black Sabbath

You realise that what you’re seein’ is a replica love thing Inside my world is pretty grim, that even I can’t survive in I wouldn’t try cause I know you Deep inside you know you’re guilty as hell Deep inside you know you’re guilty as hell You realise that what you see is just a […]

Country Girl – Black Sabbath

She was up from a nether world, just to bust another soul Her eyes were an endless flame, holy lightning Desire with a special name, made to snatch your soul away, yeah We sailed away on a crimson tide, gone forever Left my heart on the other side, all to break it into bits Her […]

Dirty Women – Black Sabbath

I walk the lonely streets in search of a friend I need a lady to help me to get through the night, through the night If I could find one then everything would be alright The sleepy city is dreaming the night time away Out on the street I watch tomorrow becoming today I see […]

The Sabbath Stones – Black Sabbath

Wings that carry hell in every vein World’s possessions, endless tears Truth and knowledge stolen all their years World turns slowly, sun don’t shine Silence stills the air and kills the chime Words are poison, passion bleeds 2000 years on earth has sown the seeds The time of dreams has turned The night is gone […]

Back Street Kids – Black Sabbath

Rock ‘n Roll music is the only thing I really dig Can’t stop the music going round inside my head I’m a rock ‘n roll soldier, gonna play it until I’m dead Nobody I know is gonna take my rock ‘n roll away from me Sitting in the back seat of a shiny limousine Living […]

Hard Road – Black Sabbath

World still turns as Father Time looks on, on and on Children playing, dreamers praying Laughter turns to tear as love has gone, has it gone? Oh, it’s a hard road Oh, it’s a hard road Whirlwind churning, lovers learning On this path of life we can’t back down, is it wrong? Widows weeping, babies […]

Danger Zone – Black Sabbath

Been too much, too far away from home Hard life, living the hard life I can’t resist, I’m falling to the danger zone All day long, pushed and shoved I just can’t get enough In the danger zone Red light, don’t stop for no red light You know I’m always trouble on my own Lonely, […]

Snowblind – Black Sabbath

Things that don’t come easily Feeling happy in my vein Icicles within my brain (cocain) Something blowing in my head Winter’s ice, it soon will spread Death would freeze my very soul Makes me happy, makes me cold My eyes are blind but I can see The snowflakes glisten on the tree The sun no […]

Children Of The Grave – Black Sabbath

Against the world in which they have to live And all the hate that’s in their hearts They’re tired of being pushed around And told just what to do They’ll fight the world until they’ve won And love comes flowing through Children of tomorrow live in the tears that fall today Will the sun rise […]

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