Black Symphony – Black Symphony

From the heavens above, from the
heavens above, we find innocence.
From the depths, the depths of hell,
comes everlasting darkness.
The paths we crossed, led us to that
choice we made.
We shall pay, blind we were, blind we
Can not see near or far,
Serpent reaps, reaps your soul.
We all are prey, prey we are,
Souls are lost, souls he takes.
A greater pain, evil makes.
Confused man lives on,
Awaiting God’s wrath.
The sun bleeds,
A red sky, we’re burning.
Angel horns sound, four winds blow.
The seven seals are broken,
Wrath of God has spoken.
On a hill, Christ appears standing.
Come my children,
I will take you home.
I will free you of fear and pain,
I’ll free your soul and we’ll soar
above the sea.
That’s turning to fire.
The fire burns, sea of red,
Depths of hell.
Accelerate, the sun it falls,
Into the sea.
Forever dark, it shall be.
Fear and pain awaits your soul,
You do feel agony, you feel sick,
You’re diseased, massively.
Had the chance to make the choice,
Now you may never go back.
The sun bleeds, a red sky,
We’re burning.
Angel horns sound, four winds blow.
Seven seals are broken,
Wrath of God is spoken.
Sentenced to hell for eternity.
I feel free, I feel free.
The angels shed tear drops,
As we watch…
The lost children stray,
I float into heaven,
We drift into the light.
Help me!

part II

(Spoken word)
An angel has descended, from the
heaven high above.
King of all the liars, betraying all
Gods love.

Lyric Black Symphony – Black Symphony