The End Of Your Life – Black Symphony

their law. Deep in your heart you know you’re about to die. Fight for your life, it all belongs to you. You must engage in war, if you want to live. Play the game you can not win, No one wins they only die. Die you will if you do play, So why play if […]

Breathe – Black Symphony

You’re free to walk, you’re free to seek. Forever free, watch what you say. Watch where you walk, we’re confined away. Are we free like they say? Are we chained down in Hell? They tell us that we’re free. It’s sure fuckin’ hard to tell! Confuse the masses, disillusions they will make, Behind our backs […]

The Wind – Black Symphony

Her innocence, mesmerizing. She’s not confused in her direction. Her kiss is now your addiction. On and on and on the wind blows. On and on she’s calling you. She’s calling you She’s calling you She’s calling you She’s calling you The sun paints a perfect sky. While lady evils clouds slither by. Her howl […]

Are You Crying – Black Symphony

I would always cry. Mom, Dad, always fighting, I guess, so was I. I’d just close my eyes, and try to fall asleep. Oh, it was sad. Now I see, how it’s made me what I am and feel today. Now I see, what it does to them and how we battle through each day. […]

Never – Black Symphony

Never see, never dream, Never learn, never laugh, Never cry, never scream, Never hold, never love, Never give, never take, And never live again. Once full of life, A living cell. Once full of time, Your time’s ended now. Once full of dreams, Body and soul. Once full of fire, To fulfill life’s goal. Never […]