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Romeo And Rebecca – Blink 182

Another blade next to you from the ground As the wind does pass I notice as you feel the breath of my shout Your words are kind The kind that repeatedly say no But that’s all right I’m older than you so I’ve got time What have you said, reach out your hand There’s a […]

Josie – Blink 182

takes me home when I’m too drunk to drive And she doesn’t get all jealous when I hang out with the guys She laughs at my dumb jokes when no one does She brings me Mexican food from Sombrero just because yeah just because And my girlfriend Likes UL and DHC And she’s so smart […]

Reckless Abandon – Blink 182

Something’s wrong, this is gonna shock them Nothing to hold on to We’ll use this song to lead you on I learned a lot today, Not sure if i’ll get laid, Not sure if i’ll fail or pass, Kissed every girl in class Everybody would waste it all, To have a summer that they could […]

Marlboro Man – Blink 182

long live the Marlboro Man in our dreams he remains the hero of a thousand billboards, the ultimate salesman for the sexy macho flame of death. yes, the original Marlboro Man is gone, but his son, the Marlboro Man, Jr., lives on– going boldly where his father never dared to go… the Marlboro Man has […]

Point Of View – Blink 182

through a one window with two different faces agreements are not reached, favors are forgotten the other person’s shoes, you’ve not got in Stubborn minded enclosed to your own world wake up and see someone else’s morals what right to you might be true It’s a different point of view to you you cannot see […]

Aliens Exist – Blink 182

I hope its not the creatures from above You used to read me stories As if my dreams were boring We all know conspiracies are dumb What if people knew that these were real Id leave my closet door open all night I know the CIA would say What you hear is all hearsay I […]

Going Away To College – Blink 182

Its so cold out tonight Ill put blankets on the bed I wont turn out the light Just dont forget to think about me And I wont forget you Ill write you once a week she said Why does it feel the same To fall in love or break it off And if young love […]

The Rock Show – Blink 182

Acting stupid, getting drunk with my best friends I couldn’t wait for the summer and the warped tour I remember that it’s the first time that i saw her there She’s getting kicked out of school cause she’s failing I’m kinda nervous, cause i think all her friends hate me She’s the one, she’ll always […]

Stay Together For The Kids – Blink 182

This house is haunted, its so pathetic, it makes no sense at all I’m ripe with things to say, the words rot and fall away If a stupid poem could fix this home, i’d read it every day So here’s your holiday, Hope you enjoy it this time, you gave it all away It was […]

Down – Blink 182

This awkward silence makes me crazy The glow inside burns light upon her I’ll try to kiss you if you let me (this can’t be the end) Tidal waves they rip right through me Tears from eyes worn cold and sad Pick me up now, I need you so bad Down down down down Down […]

Dysentery Gary – Blink 182

Hes a fuckin weasel His issues make my mind ache Want to make a deal Cause I love the little motions You do with your pigtails What a nice creation Worth another night in jail Hes a player, diarrhea giver, tried to grow his hair out When friends were listening to Slayer I would like […]

Emo – Blink 182

and he’ll never try to give you more And I don’t care he is such a dick He treats you like you are a stupid whore And it seems like things will never change You go on every cloud is in you way And I know you feel empty all the time You’ll never listen […]

Apple Shampoo – Blink 182

But sometimes the hardest part is conceiving The good intentions that you had now only came to this and although she saw the mark the arrow missed It isn’t exciting reciting the stories Of kind words turned hurting When routine gets boring Both getting tired of punk rock clubs And both playing in punk rock […]

Dont Leave Me – Blink 182

Just drop me off at home Ill be fine, its not the first Just like last time, but a little worse She said that I’m not the one that she thinks about and She said it stopped being fun, I just bring her down I said “Dont let your future be destroyed by my past” […]

Peggy Sue – Blink 182

Listening to all the doubts that your parents have to say to you And as your head gets all cluttered inside, try to stay awake Everything they say are lies, that’s all the shit that you ever have to take So hold in all your aggressions Because your grinding your teeth on down to the […]

Happy Holidays You Bastard – Blink 182

It’s christmas eve and i’ve only wrapped two fuckin’ presents It`s christmas eve and i’ve only wrapped two fuckin’ presents And i hate, hate, hate your guts, I hate, hate, hate your guts, And i’ll never talk to you again, Unless your dad will suck me off I’ll never talk to you again Unless your […]

21 Days – Blink 182

Awake I ponder on my mistakes of what I said, it is always my esteen that I Sure lose playing those stupid games that I always end up chasing you I can’t help myself anymore Rehearsing my thoughts as I’m too scared to come to your door I pushed it all aside just to stand […]

M+M’s – Blink 182

I just want to be alone with your smile Buy some candy and cigarettes and we’ll get in my car We’ll blast the stereo and we’ll drive to Madagascar Because when I’m with you There’s nothing I wouldn’t do I just want to be your only one I’m grasping out at straws Thinking back to […]

I’m Lost Without You – Blink 182

Please let me know that my one bad day will end I will go down as your lover, your friend Give me your lips, and with one kiss we begin Are you afraid of being alone? ‘Cause I am, I’m lost without you Are you afraid of leaving tonight? ‘Cause I am I’m lost without […]

Whats My Age Again? – Blink 182

I wore cologne to get the feeling right We started making out, and she took off my pants But then I turned on the TV And thats about the time she walked away from me Nobody likes you when youre 23 And are still more amused by TV shows What the hell is ADD? My […]

Always – Blink 182

And I’m quite aware we’re dying And your hands they shake with goodbyes And I’ll take you back if you’d have me So here I am, I’m trying So here I am, are you ready? Come on let me hold you, touch you, feel you, Always Kiss you, taste you, all night Always And I’ll […]

Sometimes – Blink 182

Moments of peace that just slip through me so fast Just when I think that they are gonna stay Everything inside me just starts fading away Sometimes it seems like all I hope for just gets thrown down on the floor And then it seems like you don’t love me anymore Sometimes I wish that […]

Wendy Clear – Blink 182

Forget your job for just one day I wish it didnt have to be so bad It might be innapropriate because Either way our band get dropped I wish it didnt have to be so bad But Id play with fire to break the ice And Id play with a nuclear device Is it something […]

Don’t – Blink 182

but it seems like yesterday when all i wanted was youuu and now you make a segway as you turn your face away and i know your words aren’t true And i don’t want your lies And i don’t think that i’m better than you inside So you can take off your disguise Cos’ i […]

Dick Lips – Blink 182

you ground me all the time I know that I was right all along And I’m hoping Remember I’m a kid I know not what I did just havin’ fun couldn’t wait for something new and yesterday I thought of you It left me to think as if I couldn’t walk away it’s too late […]

My Pet Sally – Blink 182

Friends i don’t pay are friends i never knew So i took the chance and got some help from a few And got a long and skinny friend to talk to Cause i have the time and the liberty To play with my pet sally Please don’t go away, sally please No more lonely showers […]

Wasting Time – Blink 182

And stealing her away from her world She and I would run away I think of all the things that I’d say We’d talk about important things And I picture it in my dreams She’d teach me about modern art And I’d show her it’s okay to fart and Maybe I’d impress her by being […]

Obvious – Blink 182

I think you used me again Should we try this before We give up and move on And pretend to restore What we have and hold on At times like these It’s obvious I saw you again I know you fucked him again Can you comfort yourself With the sense of revenge Are you leaving […]

Roller Coaster – Blink 182

Finding strength to call and ask her Rollercoaster favorite ride, Let me kiss you one last time Leave me standing here, act like i’m not around The coaster probably never clear, can i please go home now I had that dream about you again Where i wait outside until you let me in, And there […]

Red Skies – Blink 182

money’s something in the nature of the hand now as we need something to help us with all used up and nothing more to give Change for the better no more laziness kills like murder help another you want for someday you cant hide while I’m running And all these people they don’t comprehend all […]

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