Blood Drenched Execution – Cannibal Corpse

Blood Drenched Execution
Carnage inspired by hatred and evil
Fatalities the final solution
Feel the fucking pain
I rip your child from your cunt
The fetus is kept alive
To die before caring eyes
Slaves in hell for me
A tortured death will set you free
The executioner
I was meant to be
Born to kill for all eternity
The exsanguinations
Savage display of murder and mayhem
Casualties of primal abduction
Red is spraying from
The hole in the baby’s head
The slaughter will not subside
This day a family dies
Young blood is so pure
Unborn infant is dead premature
The executioner
Has to mutilate
A fetal pulp is all that remains
Rapid blood loss
Flooding the floor
Gore is unstoppable
Rabid blood lord

Lyric Blood Drenched Execution – Cannibal Corpse