Blood From Stone – Benediction

Pay the piper or face the fall
Unpleasant benevolence
Undesired, it’s your defence

Rotting flavoured retribution
Burning hotly in your throat
Perished antiseptic inner domains
Drowning love begins to float

The familiar screams aloud
Mainline my blackened bones
Exaction with a vengeance
History consumes its own

Wicked voice, a whispering flame
Stems from all past foul deeds
Telling me that you’re to blame
Ruled by your bitter creeds

An ordered mind, my constitution
Left me on my own
Aggravating your solution
Running blood from stone
Bastard wanton act betrayed me
Left me all alone

Yet I’ll survive

Honesty a poor mutation
An uprising complication
Doubtful you will ever change
Senility onset of age

I’m betrayed

Red blood out, the black runs in
Spreading wings and claws
Flooding me in a sickly grin
With sharply smiling jaws


Save me all that humane thought
Judge not the moment past

Frozen heart, to the last bone
Pumping on this blood from stone

Wicked voice, a whispering flame

Lyric Blood From Stone – Benediction