Blood On My Hands – Demons & Wizards

And as I bear my inner soul
I’ve kept it hidden and safe
Fulfill the gods’ desire
To hold their waning flame
A sacred life

And what have started long ago
Ois heading towards the end
There’s no easy way out
There’s blood on my hands
But I am sure in the end
I will prove I was right

Runes of a long forgotten time
Ancient spells in endless rhymes
Soon the other world appears

Roam to the ghostly river Rhine
Leave the misty shades behind
I can feel I’m getting near

Lost in time
I wonder why they are lost in time
Lost in time

The curse lives on
Still chasing me
It’s always been there by my side
And it won’t let me out
A treacherous leaf
And a secret unsealed
It will cause deadly wounds

Roam to the ghostly realms at nights
To cleanse the dark shades of my mind
Leave the mortal world behind
Float to the endless streams of time
An eternal ray of light
Leave my mortal shape behind


Lost in time
Oh it seams they’re lost in time

Lyric Blood On My Hands – Demons & Wizards