Bloodfrozen – Dark Funeral

Awakened by the moonlight of the transylvanian night
I hear those mournful cries
Whisper from the shadows
Mesmerized by the moon
I rise from my coffin
The moonlight rays awaken my soul
From my cold sleep so dark and cold

As nightfall closes in I know the time has come
When I spread my darkened wings and become one with the night
Obsessed by eternal bloodlust
Into the embrace of the skies I fly
To satisfy my desires and kill once again
Under the rise of the shining moon
Through the night I’ll come for you

A nocturnal vision so cold
The shivering light of the moon
Mezmerize my soul
Again I shall kill
And end the lives of mortals
I satisfy my desires
With purest human blood

I am immortal……..!!
I am eternal……..!!

As the rays of the moon fade away
I return to the chambers of my castle

Lyric Bloodfrozen – Dark Funeral