Blue Blood – Biohazard

Struggle to find a way
You can feel the power
It’s growing every day
Fight for a change,
Can’t wait until tomorrow
Make a difference on this day
and al the rest will follow

Blue blood
Working class survives
Don’t forget your libertyBlue Blood
Working class survived
That’s how we came to beBlue blood
working class survives
Don’t forget your liberty
Chains must be broken if ever to be free
Blue collar workers screaming “Liberty”
Respect, pride and honor
is what we want to see
Tall proud working class
from sea to shining sea
Seeds are sown, within own,
We shall not digress
Cries of justice can’t be suppressed
Across the land the wheels are now in motion
Calloussed hands create a just commotion
It shouldn’t be
a working class surpressed
We would rise above
with strength to contest
Our homeland will shine
to that I will attest
With blue collar pride
We’ll show that America is the best

The fathers of this nation

Lyric Blue Blood – Biohazard