Performer BLUE

It’s Alright – Blue

’bouta guy that thoughtlove was just a word and a girl that promised she would be there when he called […]

Back It Up – Blue

Come a little bit closer to me (back it up) Don’t it feel a little nicer to me (back it […]

Bubblin’ – Blue

No man could ever doubt it You’re looking so delicious Could this be the night that we uuuuh Get closer […]

Riders – Blue

Personality major plus, come back it up When I think about you and me, red hot probably Hey baby won’t […]

Love R. I. P. – Blue

Walk away and just forget about us Hey baby I’m not gonna take it this time Oh no.. If you […]

Without You – Blue

I couldn’t live without my 4 x 4, I couldn’t live without my credit card, I couldn’t live without you. […]

This Temptation – Blue

I just wanna say that’s cool with me But now the moment’s come I’ve never been good at this temptation […]

Get Down – Blue

C’mon C’mon That’s right C’mon C’mon Check this out I’m not the kind of guy you can take for granted […]

Alive – Blue

You were made for me Everybody used to say We were meant to be I don’t want to ever have […]

Curtain Falls – Blue

Who could have guessed it when You sit and doubt it and Things aint all that bright But we made […]

Make It Happen – Blue

We’ll talk the way we always do But still you won’t say anything I want you to And though your […]

Where You Want Me – Blue

Wow oh baby Gotta make a little room for me to breathe Gotta feeling that you’re about to pull me […]

Guilty – Blue

I never want to hear the things they gotta say I’ve found everything I need I never wanted anymore than […]

Fly By Ii – Blue

oh.. whoo whoo… uh-huh All dressed up you’re good to go Checkin your style from head to toe (that’s right) […]

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