Performer BLUE

Where You Want Me – Blue

Wow oh baby Gotta make a little room for me to breathe Gotta feeling that you’re about to pull me […]

Guilty – Blue

I never want to hear the things they gotta say I’ve found everything I need I never wanted anymore than […]

Fly By Ii – Blue

oh.. whoo whoo… uh-huh All dressed up you’re good to go Checkin your style from head to toe (that’s right) […]

All Rise – Blue

Yo, yo. Your honour please, Gotta believe what I say, What I will tell, Happened just the other day. I […]

Get Ready – Blue

Whenever I’m asked who makes my dreams real, I say that you do (you’re outta sight), So fee, fi, fo, […]

Privacy – Blue

How someone like that could get a girl so fly, I could see it if he’d only treat you right, […]

Fly By – Blue

Checkin your style from head to toe Hooked up and natural You’re feelin beautiful 9 times out of 10 you […]

Back Some Day – Blue

I want you to know I’ll be back some day When you’re alone I want you to know I’ll be […]

Elements – Blue

her world is big but it’s jost pretend, is there a day when we will understand, this circus we call […]

I Wanna Know – Blue

Get to the floor (that’s right) Get to the floor (you heard) Get to the floor (get to the floor) […]

Taste It – Blue

You got the flow So why would you wanna to be leaving Think again, honey It’s not the end The […]

She Told Me – Blue

She had a mind of her own, five foot eight or more (something like that) she was a real wild […]

No Goodbyes – Blue

Don’t you know it’s time for me to go Even though it hurts to see you cry But don’t you […]

Too Close – Blue

I get so excited Oh, how I like it I try but I can’t fight it Oh you’re dancing real […]

Supersexual – Blue

Everybody wants you, To me you are, a shining star. Baby what do I do, To make you see, you’re […]

Walk Away – Blue

Can we put down the roles that we’ve played so many times Is this really the final curtain The end […]

Sweet Thing – Blue

I’ve never seen a girl like that tight How could anyone deny your shine Gotta make it work this time […]

Only Words I Know – Blue

I couldn’t get you outta my mind So I thought I’d come and talk you But you couldn’t understand my […]

Flexin’ – Blue

I was Flexin’, anticipating i was wondering what i could say i was driving around, around in circles it’s a […]