Category: BLUE

Elements – Blue

her world is big but it’s jost pretend, is there a day when we will understand, this circus we call life I keep on hearing time and time again, If we won’t listen then our world will end, we don’t say it just to make amends, lesten through the script of prayers It’s not neccesary […]

I Wanna Know – Blue

Get to the floor (that’s right) Get to the floor (you heard) Get to the floor (get to the floor) Get to the floor Just Dance First grab a lady, know what I’m saying Trust me Shaped like an hourglass, hello What’s your name and number let me know (c’mon) You’re the baddest thing for […]

Taste It – Blue

You got the flow So why would you wanna to be leaving Think again, honey It’s not the end The loving that you’ve been receiving Don’t you know you’ve got it Don’t you know I want it Don’t you know I’m begging for more Can’t believe What I’m seeing Can’t you see what I’m feeling […]

She Told Me – Blue

She had a mind of her own, five foot eight or more (something like that) she was a real wild child and nothing could hold her back she was my sis best friend so now you where it’s at she’s always been around me and her were always down right in front of me, how […]

No Goodbyes – Blue

Don’t you know it’s time for me to go Even though it hurts to see you cry But don’t you know you’ll never be alone If you hold me deep inside (oh yeah) You know that I would rather stay But now before I turn away There’s one last thing to you I want to […]

Too Close – Blue

I get so excited Oh, how I like it I try but I can’t fight it Oh you’re dancing real close Plus it’s real, real slow You’re making it hard for me. All the slow songs you requested You’re dancing like you’re naked Oh it’s almost like We’re sexing Step back you’re dancing kind of […]

Supersexual – Blue

Everybody wants you, To me you are, a shining star. Baby what do I do, To make you see, you’re the one for me Baby won’t you realise Girl we could be doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it, All night long, Makin’ it, makin’ it, makin’ sweet love. It’s the way you move […]

Walk Away – Blue

Can we put down the roles that we’ve played so many times Is this really the final curtain The end of the play Or will we just dance this dance we’ve danced again and again and again Chorus Once again I walk away There’s no turning back this time baby Once again I walk away […]

Sweet Thing – Blue

I’ve never seen a girl like that tight How could anyone deny your shine Gotta make it work this time Second time around – it’s on tonight What you do When you move Got me frozen to the spot And I can’t affortd to stop Chorus: Sweet thing! You’re as bad as you wanna be […]

I Believe My Heart – Blue

All in a single glance of, revealing, You smile and i feel as though, ive known you for years, How do i know to trust what im feeling. I believe my heart, what else can i do, When every part of every thought leads me straight to you, I believe my heart, theres no other […]

Only Words I Know – Blue

I couldn’t get you outta my mind So I thought I’d come and talk you But you couldn’t understand my lines Girl its like in our chemistry There was something that gave me the sign From the moment that I saw your spanish eyes Couldn’t figure out a word she was saying But I could […]

Flexin’ – Blue

I was Flexin’, anticipating i was wondering what i could say i was driving around, around in circles it’s a miracle i stayed away Bridge: all i wanna do is hold you tight (hold you tight) would you object if i call ed you mine? (called you mine) did you hear me right? i won’t […]