Performer BLUR

On Your Own – Blur

The sound of magic music in his ears Videoed by a bus load of tourists Shiny shellsuits on, and drinking […]

Jubilee – Blur

He’s losing all will to move He got dippy, too much telly He watching 24 hours of rubbish He got […]

M. O. R. – Blur

I need to unload (Need to unload) Under the pressure (Under the pressure) Gone middle of the road (Middle of […]

End Of A Century – Blur

Dirty little monsters Eating all the morsels Picking up the rubbish Give her effervescence She needs a little sparkle Good […]

Magic America – Blur

He calls it his Plan B. Where there are buildings in the sky and the air is sugar free and […]

Girls And Boys – Blur

So call the police Following the herd Down to Greece – on holiday Love in the nineties Is paranoid On […]

Tracy Jacks – Blur

(Tracy Jacks) it’s steady employment (Tracy Jacks) is a golfing fanatic (Tracy Jacks) but his put is erratic (Tracy Jacks) […]

Parklife – Blur

And morning soup can be avoided if you take a route straight chrough what is known as… (Parklife!) John’s got […]

London Loves – Blur

Coughing tar in his Japanese motor The lights are magic And he feels lucky And he’s got money Shoots like […]

Coffee & TV – Blur

practically flored One of many zeros kicked around bored Your ears are full, but you’re empty holding out your heart […]

To The End – Blur

They make us look so dumb (En plein soleil) We’ve been drinking far too much (Jusqu’a la fin) And neither […]

Trimm Trabb – Blur

All those losers on the piss again I dose, dose away That’s just the way it is (x2) I’ve got […]

Bank Holiday – Blur

To eat the crust on pizza Been taken out by her daughter Because she thought she oughta The kids are […]