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Tomorrow Night – Bob Dylan

Tomorrow night, will all the thrill be gone? Tomorrow night, will it be just another memory Or just another song, that’s in my heart to linger on? Your lips are so tender, your heart is beating fast And you willingly surrender to me, my darling will it last? Tomorrow night, will you be with me […]

License To Kill – Bob Dylan

And if things don’t change soon, he will Oh, man has invented his doom First step was touching the moon. Now there’s a woman on my block She just sit there as the night grows still She say who gonna take away his license to kill? Now, they take him and they teach him and […]

Union Sundown – Bob Dylan

My flashlight’s from Taiwan My tablecloth’s from Malayisia My belt buckle’s from the Amazon You know, this shirt I wear comes from the Philippines And the car I drive is a Chevrolet It was put together down in Argentina By a guy making thirty cents a day. Well, it’s sundown on the union And what’s […]

Mary Ann – Bob Dylan

The ship is waiting and the wind blows high And I am bound away for the sea, Mary Ann. Ten thousand miles away from home, ten thousand miles or more The sea may freeze and the earth may burn If I never nomore return to you, Mary Ann. Oh, don’t you see that crow fly […]

Wedding Song – Bob Dylan

I love you more than money and more than the stars above I love you more than madness, more than waves upon the sea I love you more than life itself, you mean that much to me. Ever since you walked right in the circle’s been complete I’ve said goodbye to haunted rooms and faces […]

The Ballad Of Ira Hayes – Bob Dylan

About a brave young Indian you should remember well From the tribe of Pima Indians, a proud and a peaceful band They farmed the Phoenix Valley in Arizona land Down their ditches for a thousand years the sparkling water rushed Till their white man stole their water rights and the running water hushed Now Ira’s […]

Alberta #2 – Bob Dylan

Alberta let your hair hang low I’ll give you more gold Than your apron can hold If you’d only let your hair hang low Alberta what’s on your mind Alberta what’s on your mind You keep me worried and bothered All of the time Alberta what’s on your mind Alberta don’t you treat me unkind […]

Winterlude – Bob Dylan

Winterlude by the road tonight Tonight there will be no quarreling Everything is gonna be all right Oh I see by the angel beside me That love has a reason to shine You’re the one I adore come over here and give me more Winterlude, this dude thinks you’re fine. Winterlude, Winterlude, my little apple […]

It Ain’t Me, Babe – Bob Dylan

Leave at your own chosen speed I’m not the one you want, babe I’m not the one you need You say you’re lookin’ for someone Who’s never weak but always strong To protect you an’ defend you Whether you are right or wrong Someone to open each and every door But it ain’t me, babe […]

Nothing Was Delivered – Bob Dylan

And I tell this truth to you Not out of spite or anger But simply because it’s true Now, I hope you won’t object to this Giving back all what you owe The fewer words you have to waste on this The sooner you can go. Nothing is better, nothing is best Take heed of […]

Someday Baby – Bob Dylan

I don’t care where you go or how long you stay Someday baby, you ain’t gonna worry po’ me any more Well you take my money and you turn it out You fill me up with nothin’ but self doubt Someday baby, you ain’t gonna worry po’ me any more When I was young, driving […]

Political World – Bob Dylan

Love don’t have any place We’re living in times Where men commit crimes And crime don’t have any face. We live in a political world Icicles hanging down Wedding bells ring And angels sing Clouds cover up the ground. We live in a political world Wisdom is thrown in jail It rots in a cell […]

One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) – Bob Dylan

You shouldn’t take it so personal I didn’t mean to make you so sad You just happened to be there, that’s all When I saw you say goodbye to your friends and smile I thought that it was well understood That you’d be comin’ back in a little while I didn’t know that you were […]

Idiot Wind – Bob Dylan

Whoever it is I wish they’d cut it out quick but when they will I can only guess They say I shot a man named Gray and took his wife to Italy She inherited a million bucks and when she died it came to me I can’t help it if I’m lucky. People see me […]

Father Of Night – Bob Dylan

Father who takes the darkness away Father who teacheth the birds to fly Builder of rainbows up in the sky Father of loneliness and pain Father of love and Father of rain. Father of day, Father of night Father of black, Father of white Father who built the mountains so high Who shapeth the cloud […]

Sittin’ On Top Of The World – Bob Dylan

One early fall Just tryin’ to find my Little all and all Now she’s gone An’ I don’t worry Lord, I’m sittin’ on top of the world. Was in the spring One summer’s day Just when she left me She gone to stay Now she’s gone An’ I don’t worry Lord, I’m sittin’ on top […]

(I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle – Bob Dylan

Heading south from caraloine I heard that lonesome whistle blow I got in trouble had to roam I left my gal an’ left my home I heard that lonesome whistle blow Just a kid actin’ smart I went and broke my darling’s heart I guess i was too young to know They took me off […]

Can’t Wait – Bob Dylan

It’s late; I’m trying to walk the line Well it’s way past midnight and there are people all around Some on their way up, some on their way down The air burns and I’m trying to think straight And I don’t know how much longer I can wait I’m your man; I’m trying to recover […]

High Water (for Charley Patton) – Bob Dylan

All the gold and silver are being stolen away Big Joe Turner lookin’ East and West From the dark room of his mind He made it to Kansas City Twelfth Street and Vine Nothing standing there High water everywhere High water risin’, the shacks are slidin’ down Folks lose their possessions – folks are leaving […]

The Lonesome River – Bob Dylan

I sit here alone on the banks of the river The lonseome wind blows and the water runs high I can hear a voice call out there in the darkness But I sit here alone too lonesome to cry Oh the water rolls high on the river at midnight I sit on the shore too […]

Summer Days – Bob Dylan

Summer days and summer nights are gone I know a place where there’s still somethin’ going on I’ve got a house on the hill, I got hogs out in the mud I’ve got a house on the hill, I got hogs all out in the mud I’ve got a long haired woman, she got royal […]

The Christmas Blues – Bob Dylan

The streets are white with snow The happy crowds are mingling But there’s no one that I know I’m sure that you’ll forgive me If I don’t enthuse I guess I’ve got the Christmas blues I’ve done my window shopping There’s not a store I’ve missed But what’s the use of stopping When there’s no […]

Precious Memories – Bob Dylan

Know not what the years may hold As I ponder hopes grow fonder Precious memories flood my soul Precious memories how they linger How they ever flood my soul In the stillness of the midnight Precious memories sacred scenes unfold. Precious father loving mother Glide across the lonely years And old home scenes of my […]

When The Deal Goes Down – Bob Dylan

In the still of the night, in the world’s ancient light Where wisdom grows up in strife My bewildering brain, toils in vain Through the darkness on the pathways of life Each invisible prayer is like a cloud in the air Tomorrow keeps turning around We live and we die, we know not why But […]

Man On The Street – Bob Dylan

‘Bout an old man who never done wrong. How he died nobody can say, They found him dead in the street one day. Well, the crowd, they gathered one fine morn, At the man whose clothes ‘n’ shoes were torn. There on the sidewalk he did lay, They stopped ‘n’ stared ‘n’ walked their way. […]

Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance – Bob Dylan

To get along with you Honey, just allow me one more chance Ah’ll do anything with you Well, I’m a-walkin’ down the road With my head in my hand I’m lookin’ for a woman Needs a worried man Just-a one kind favor I ask you Allow me just-a one more chance. Honey, just allow me […]

Property Of Jesus – Bob Dylan

Because he has denied himself the things that you can’t live without Laugh at him behind his back just like the others do Remind him of what he used to be when he comes walking through. He’s the property of Jesus Resent him to the bone You got something better You’ve got a heart of […]

Spirit On The Water – Bob Dylan

Spirit on the water Darkness on the face of the deep I keep thinking about you baby I can’t hardly sleep I’m traveling by land Traveling through the dawn of day You’re always on my mind I can’t stay away I’d forgotten about you Then you turned up again I always knew We were meant […]

The Groom’s Still Waiting At The Altar – Bob Dylan

Heard the last moan of a boxer, seen the massacre of the innocent Felt around for the light switch, became nauseated She was walking down the hallway while the walls deteriorated. West of the Jordan, east of the Rock of Gibraltar I see the burning of the page Curtain rising on a new age See […]

Don’t Ya Tell Henry – Bob Dylan

Apple’s got your fly. I went down to the river on a saturday morn A-lookin’ around just to see who’s born I found a little chicken down on his knees I went up and yelled to him “Please, please, please” He said, “Don’t ya tell Henry Don’t ya tell Henry Don’t ya tell Henry Apple’s […]

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