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Copper Kettle – Bob Dylan

Fill it with new made corn mash and never more you’ll toil You’ll just lay there by the juniper while the moon is bright Watch them just a-filling in the pale moonlight. Build you a fire with hickory, hickory, ash and oak Don’t use no green or rotten wood, they’ll get you by the smoke […]

Christmas Island – Bob Dylan

Let’s get away from snow Let’s make a break some Christmas, dear I know the place to go How’d ya like to spend Christmas on Christmas Island? How’d ya like to spend the holiday away across the sea? How’d ya like to spend Christmas on Christmas Island? How’d ya like to hang a stocking on […]

Percy’s Song – Bob Dylan

Come to me where I sleep, Turn, turn, turn again. Sayin’ one of your friends Is in trouble deep, Turn, turn to the rain And the wind. Tell me the trouble, Tell once to my ear, Turn, turn, turn again. Joliet prison And ninety-nine years, Turn, turn to the rain And the wind. Oh what’s […]

It’s All Good – Bob Dylan

Throw out the dirt; pile on the dust. I’d do the same thing if I could You know what they say? They say it’s all good. All good. It’s all good. Big politician telling lies; Restaurant kitchen all full of flies. Don’t make a bit of difference; don’t see why it should. But it’s alright, […]

Never Say Good Bye – Bob Dylan

A north wind about to break On the footprints in the snow Silence down below. You’re beautiful beyond words You’re beautiful to me You can make me cry Never say goodbye. Because my dreams are made Of iron and steel With a big boquet of roses hanging down From the heavens to the ground. The […]

If You Gotta Go, Go Now – Bob Dylan

There’s something you must see. I want to be with you, gal, If you want to be with me. But if you got to go, It’s all right. But if you got to go, go now, Or else you gotta stay all night. It ain’t that I’m questionin’ you. To take part in any quiz. […]

Call Letter Blues – Bob Dylan

Listenin’ to them church bells tone Yes, I walked all night long Listenin’ to them church bells tone Either someone needing mercy Or maybe something I’ve done wrong Well, your friends come by for you I don’t know what to say Well, your friends come by for you I don’t know what to say I […]

Endless Highway – Bob Dylan

Never let it slip away. Always be a man, not a boy gone astray. When ya get half cra-zy from the August heat Or on a frozen, rotted road With no one to complain to about your achin’ feet. [Chorus:] You’re gonna walk that endless highway, Walk that high-way till you die. All you children […]

Subterranean Homesick Blues – Bob Dylan

Mixing up the medicine I’m on the pavement Thinking about the government The man in the trench coat Badge out, laid off Says he’s got a bad cough Wants to get it paid off Look out kid It’s somethin’ you did God knows when But you’re doin’ it again You better duck down the alley […]

Series Of Dreams – Bob Dylan

Where nothing comes up to the top Everything stays down where it’s wounded And comes to a permanent stop Wasn’t thinking of anything specific Like in a dream, when someone wakes up and screams Nothing too very scientific Just thinking of a series of dreams Thinking of a series of dreams Where the time and […]

Freight Train Blues – Bob Dylan

Just a little shanty by the railroad track Freight train was it taught me how to cry The holler of the driver was my lullaby I got the freight train blues Oh Lord mama, I got them in the bottom of my rambling shoes And when the whistle blows I gotta go baby, don’t you […]

Ballad Of A Thin Man – Bob Dylan

With your pencil in your hand You see somebody naked And you say, “Who is that man?” You try so hard But you don’t understand Just what you’ll say When you get home. Because something is happening here But you don’t know what it is Do you, Mister Jones? You raise up your head And […]

Baby, Let Me Follow You Down – Bob Dylan

Ric is a blues guitarplayer. I met him one day on The green pastures of the Harvard University. – Baby let me follow you down, baby let me follow you down Well I’ll do anything in this godalmighty world If you just let me follow you down. Can I come home with you, baby can […]

Million Miles – Bob Dylan

I keep askin’ myself how long it can go on like this You told yourself a lie – that’s alright, mama, I told myself one too I’ve tried to get closer but I’m still a million miles from you. You took the silver, you took the gold You left me standin’ out in the cold […]

Ruben Remus – Bob Dylan

Put it in your hat, ‘Cause no one to read it And I know you knew that. I bought a joke, a trick or two, Just to bring and show you, Caught ya with the trickster too. Sometimes I wonder how ya knew A hypnotist, fancytalker, Ruben Remus ain’t no doctor I knew the man […]

Three Angels – Bob Dylan

Each one playing a horn Dressed in green robes with wings that stick out They’re been there since Christmas morn’ The wildest cat from Montana passes by in a flash Then a lady in a bright orange dress One U-Haul trailer, a truck with no wheels The Tenth Avenue bus going west The dogs and […]

The Shape I’m In – Bob Dylan

Come downtown, have to rumble in the alley Oh, you don’t know the shape I’m in Has anybody seen my lady This living alone will drive me crazy Oh, you don’t know the shape I’m in I’m gonna go down by the wa – ter But I ain’t gonna jump in, no, no I’ll just […]

Spanish Harlem Incident – Bob Dylan

Cannot hold you to its heat Your temperature’s too hot for taming Your flaming feet burn up the street I am homeless, come and take me To the reach of your rattling drums Let me know, babe, all about my fortune Down alone my restless palms. Gypsy gal, you got me swallowed I have fallen […]

Duncan & Brady – Bob Dylan

Up comes Brady in a ‘lectric car Got a mean look all ’round his eye Gonna shoot somebody jus’ to see them die Duncan, Duncan was tending the bar In walked Brady with a shining star And Brady says, “Duncan you are under arrest And Duncan shot a hole in Brady’s breast. Brady, Brady carried […]

Mozambique – Bob Dylan

The sunny sky is aqua blue And all the couples dancing cheek to cheek It’s very nice to stay a week or two And fall in love just me and you. There’s a lot of pretty girls in Mozambique And plenty time for good romance And everybody likes to stop and speak To give the […]

Tangled Up In Blue – Bob Dylan

I was laying in bed Wond’ring if she’d changed it all If her hair was still red Her folks they said our lives together Sure was gonna be rough They never did like Mama’s homemade dress Papa’s bankbook wasn’t big enough And I was standing on the side of the road Rain falling on my […]

Do You Hear What I Hear? – Bob Dylan

Do you see what I see Way up in the sky, little lamb, Do you see what I see A star, a star, dancing in the night With a tail as big as a kite With a tail as big as a kite Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy, Do you hear what […]

Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dum – Bob Dylan

They’re throwin’ knives into the tree Two big bags of dead man’s bones Got their noses to the grind stone Livin’ in the Land of Nod Trustin’ their fate to the hands of God They pass by so silently Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee Well, they’re goin’ to the country, they’re goin’ to retire They’re […]

Tombstone Blues – Bob Dylan

The city fathers they’re trying to endorse The reincarnation of Paul Revere’s horse But the town has no need to be nervous. The ghost of Belle Star she hands down her wits To Jezebel the nun she violently knits A bald wig for Jack the Ripper who sits At the head of the chamber of […]

Tiny Montgomery – Bob Dylan

Down in ol’ Frisco Tell ’em Tiny Montgomery says hello. Now, every boy and girl’s Gonna get their bang ‘Cause Tiny Montgomery’s Gonna shake that thing Tell everybody Down in ol’ Frisco That Tiny Montgomery’s comin’ Down to say hello. Skinny Moo and Halftrack Frank They’re gonna both be gettin Outta the tank One bird […]

Outlaw Blues – Bob Dylan

And land in some funny lagoon? Ain’t it hard to stumble And land in some muddy lagoon? Especially when it’s nine below zero And three o’clock in the afternoon. Ain’t gonna hang no picturev Ain’t gonna hang no picture frame Ain’t gonna hang no picture Ain’t gonna hang no picture frame Well, I might look […]

Rank Strangers To Me – Bob Dylan

Where in youth’s early days I was happy and free I looked for my friends but I never could find them I found they were all rank strangers to me. Ev’rybody I met seemed to be a rank stranger No mother or dad not a friend could I see They knew not my name and […]

Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts – Bob Dylan

The cabaret was quiet except for the drilling in the wall The curfew had been lifted and the gambling wheel shut down Anyone with any sense had already left town He was standing in the doorway looking like the Jack of Hearts. He moved across the mirrored room “Set it up for everyone” he said […]

Bob Dylan’s Blues – Bob Dylan

They are ridin’ down the line Fixin’ ev’rybody’s troubles Ev’rybody’s ‘cept mine Somebody musta tol’ ’em That I was doin’ fine. Oh you five and ten cent women With nothin’ in your heads I got a real gal I’m lovin’ And Lord I’ll be love her till I’m dead Go away from my door and […]

Every Grain Of Sand – Bob Dylan

When the pool of tears beneath my feet flood every newborn seed There’s a dying voice within me reaching out somewhere Toiling in the danger and in the morals of despair. Don’t have the inclination to look back on any mistake Like Cain, I now behold this chain of events that I must break In […]

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