Performer BOB DYLAN

One More Night – Bob Dylan

But tonight I’m as lonesome as can be Oh, the moon is shinin’ bright Lighting ev’rything in sight But tonight […]

Silvio – Bob Dylan

Looks like tomorrow is a coming on fast Ain’t complaining about what I got Seen better times but who has […]

Pressing On – Bob Dylan

Yes, I’m pressing on Well I’m pressing on To the higher calling of my lord. Many try to stop me, […]

Tough Mama – Bob Dylan

Meat shaking on your bones I’m gonna go down to the river and get some stones Sister’s on the highway […]

Song To Woody – Bob Dylan

Walking a road other men have gone down I’m seeing a new world of people and things Hear paupers and […]

New Morning – Bob Dylan

Rabbit running down across the road Underneath the bridge where the water flows through So happy just to see you […]

Highlands – Bob Dylan

Honey suckle bloomin’ in the wildwood air Bluebells blazin’ where the Aberdeen waters flow Well, my heart’s in the highlands, […]

She Belongs To Me – Bob Dylan

She’s an artist, she don’t look back She’s got everything she needs She’s an artist, she don’t look back She […]

Winter Wonderland – Bob Dylan

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, In the lane, snow is glistening A beautiful sight, We’re happy tonight, Walking in […]

Tell Me – Bob Dylan

Tell me, tell me before I go. Does that flame still burn? Does that fire still glow? Or has it […]

Worried Blues – Bob Dylan

And I got those worried blues, I got those worried blues, I got those worried blues, Lord, I’m a-going where […]

Sally Gal – Bob Dylan

I’m gonna get you a Sally Gal, I’m gonna get you a Sally gal, I’m gonna get you a Sally […]

Unbelievable – Bob Dylan

It’s inconceivable it could happen to you You’re going north and you’re going south Just like bait in a fish’s […]

Billy 1 – Bob Dylan

Lawman on your trail, he’d like to catch ya Bounty hunters, too, they’d like to get ya Billy, they don’t […]

Shot Of Love – Bob Dylan

Don’t need a shot of parish to kill my disease Don’t need a shot of turpentine, only bring me to […]

To Ramona – Bob Dylan

Shut softly your watery eyes The pangs of your sadness Will pass as your senses will rise The flowers of […]

Diamond Joe – Bob Dylan

Most anywhere you go And his holdings are in Texas And his name is Diamond Joe. And he carries all […]

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