Unleashed (Upon Mankind) – Bolt Thrower

Their execration revealed, only your death will suffice You cannot conceal, this reality from your mind As unknown powers, are unleashed upon mankind Unleashed upon mankind Running – in search of safety No escape – from [the] deadly wrath Screaming – you beg for mercy Silenced – by the searing blast You are forced to […]

No Guts, No Glory – Bolt Thrower

Under attack Oblivion Penultimate Anticipation Fills your soul At the limit Beyond control The last advance One final chance It now shall be… no guts, no glory Retaliation Sequencially inclined No guts, no glory You decide The last advance One final chance It now shall be… no guts, no glory Swallow no pride, strength from […]

Destructive Infinity – Bolt Thrower

Man reborn to die upon the altar of war And now we stand to face the truth This world now enslaved, bound by hate In fear of life, now that the mindless control As the flame of hope for mankind now burns away For now you stand alone to die Whilst visions of horror infest […]

The Shreds Of Sanity – Bolt Thrower

Striving to gain control, it burns you deep inside No one can help you now You try to focus on reality, feel your mind slipping An outside air of composure, but inside you’re screaming Inside you’re screaming White blinding lights, now turns your world to black Alone in silence, you prepare to meet the final […]

Warmaster – Bolt Thrower

Within the past, present and future Man has sought to destroy All that stood in our way As man fights man In the epic struggle for survival The warmaster shall reign With oppression fed by a burning hate Hatred of mankind, twisted within your mind Corrupted by powers unknown, the downfall of this world The […]

In Battle There Is No Law – Bolt Thrower

There is no law And in the presence of eternal death There is no law And just the struggle for power the domination prevails An arising slaughter In revenging, every man for himself As in battle there is no law Countless numbers die in war’s path Armies falling to our wrath Warriors of power marching […]

What Dwells Within – Bolt Thrower

Revealing memories past life unknown Fervent emotions from deep within Inner transformation now begins Life before you cannot conceive Thoughts repressed denial to believe Precise identity you cannot tell Existing inside this mortal shell Summon the powers that dominate Grasp your inner strength seize control of hate A forgotten past a life of normality This […]

When Glory Beckons – Bolt Thrower

When glory beckons With no regrets On this day of sorrow The course now set End of life converges A sweet release Away from turmoil To find peace Death now approaching Where is victory? At one with the earth For all eternity Pride now forgotten Fighting for life Strenght decreasing Twisting the knife Now to […]

Eternal War – Bolt Thrower

Through man’s existance, from the start of time The fight for survival is our only crime Those in power, rotten to the core The ongoing battle of the eternal war What are you fighting for? Is it worth dying for? You’re held down by your chains, there’s no-one but you to blame Fighting, destroying, following […]

Realm Of Chaos – Bolt Thrower

Enter the realm of chaos, your nightmare has just begun You may wake up screaming, but there’s no place left to run The ancient prophecy of dominant supremacy Find strength through your salvation, the need for domination Past life you deplore, present life abhor Future life is so unreal, intense despair now you feel Mutated […]

This Time Is War – Bolt Thrower

Intimidation you can’t take much more, No compromise – this time its war. Take none alive – their battle cry roars, Nowhere to hide – this time its war. Face the fear that grips your mind, The final conflict – the end of mankind. Read the hatred deep within their eyes, It’s your time to […]