Afterlife – Bolt Thrower

As you feel your soul depart from this world Prepare for a journey to regions of the unknown Your life […]

Lest We Forget – Bolt Thrower

War to end all wars Hatred lost control Casualties now mounting Tales yet still untold Life’s eradication Of man now […]

Sixth Chapter – Bolt Thrower

Powersystems – Overload In the matrix – Once your mind Lies the sorrow – None survive Globalised – Authority World […]

Plague Bearer – Bolt Thrower

Contamination – spreads throughout the world Contagious evil – now that chaos takes its hold Sadistic torture – warps your […]

Tank (Mk. I) – Bolt Thrower

As innocence dies All tranquility subsides Running trepidation Isolated now Separating all ideas Must escape but how With no loss […]

Lament – Bolt Thrower

The time has come to leave this place – Never to return Nothing’s left but ashes – My body now […]

Forever Fallen – Bolt Thrower

Driven onwards Past the point of no return Into the unknown Of lessons never learnt Their names – immortal Remembered […]

Warmaster – Bolt Thrower

Within the past, present and future Man has sought to destroy All that stood in our way As man fights […]

What Dwells Within – Bolt Thrower

Revealing memories past life unknown Fervent emotions from deep within Inner transformation now begins Life before you cannot conceive Thoughts […]

Eternal War – Bolt Thrower

Through man’s existance, from the start of time The fight for survival is our only crime Those in power, rotten […]