Bombay Sapphire – Stevie Nicks

Were to me–everything
That love stood for
To love one another for awhile
Was enough–
It was all that I lived for
How can I go on without you
How can I go on–without you
I tell myself–this time
I’m going to have to–
Move on

It’s like
Bombay sapphire
Hey I can take you higher
Whatever you desire
I can mend your heart

It is green
It is aqua marine
It is colors I have never seen
I can see past you–to the white sand…
It is blue
It is not about you
It is all true
You know–who I am

And she says, the sea never changes–not really
It is the constant in my life
I always return here
To the flash of those colors

Lyric Bombay Sapphire – Stevie Nicks