Bombs Away – Anvil

Jets lift off
Armed to go
Sights lock on
Targets below
Objects marked
Cue bomb bay
Pull the trigger
Bombs away
Say your last goodbyes
We’re coming to your skies
A reckoning this day
You threatened our shores
So now we’ll come to yours
And make you all pay

Bombs away
Bombs away
Bombs away

Shells explode
Flashing light
Burning fires
Turn day to night
Head on back
Reload bay
Armed again
Bombs away
You don’t stand a chance
Air Force has advanced
To blow you all away
Soon you’ll understand
That we will burn your land
On this judgement day


Much is gone
Fight’s not done
Third wave
Has just begun
One to go
Mustn’t stall
Do it now
Fuck ’em all
Nothing you can do
We’re coming after you
Today is the day
Pay for what you’ve done
We’ll bomb you one by one
Until you all have paid

-Chorus 2X –

Lyric Bombs Away – Anvil