Performer BON JOVI

Social Disease – Bon Jovi

You can read it in the papers In some places it comes in thirty-two flavors But you wouldn’t tell no […]

Tokyo Road – Bon Jovi

In a world, they forgot Lives the heart of me A part that just won’t die Just a boy, not […]

Runaway – Bon Jovi

Girls talk about their social lives They’re made of lipstick plastic and paint A touch of sable in their eyes […]

Without Love – Bon Jovi

She wasn’t young, but still a child There still was innocence In painted smiles She called to me as I […]

Fear – Bon Jovi

I see you looking over your shoulder Tell me who do you think’s out there You’re reaching for your four […]

I Believe – Bon Jovi

All I know is what I’ve been sold You can read my life like a fortune told I’ve seen the […]

Let It Rock – Bon Jovi

The weekend comes to this town Seven days too soon For the ones who have to make up What we […]

Dry County – Bon Jovi

Across the border they turn Water into wine Some say it’s the devil’s blood They’re squeezing from the vine Some […]

Only Lonely – Bon Jovi

You need someone to hold you tight Sometime love don’t know wrong from right Another long and senseless Fight was […]

Woman In Love – Bon Jovi

Call it social commentary Call it just what me eyes see Seems that there’s more pretty women Than there are […]

Silent Night – Bon Jovi

When it’s down to you and I When the sun appears And there’s nothing left but goodbyes We’ll just turn […]

Never Say Die – Bon Jovi

As we stood there older than the man And younger than the boys (that’s right) We were as still as […]

Miracle – Bon Jovi

A penny for your thoughts now baby Looks like the weight of the world’s On your shoulders now I know […]

Santa Fe – Bon Jovi

They say that no man is an island And good things come to those who wait But the things I […]

Bed Of Roses – Bon Jovi

Sitting here wasted and wounded at this old piano Trying hard to capture the moment this morning I don’t know […]

Bad Medicine – Bon Jovi

Your love is like bad medicine Bad medicine is what I need Shake it up, just like a bad medicine […]

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