Borderline – UFO

This rig is streaking like a hellbound train
I smuggle whiskey, I smuggle gin
Where there’s a need well I just truck on in

I’m a gambling man, son of a gun
I’ll take the risks now baby I’ll make the run
Wanna get home now, back in the saddle
Ain’t gonna drive this kinda grade A cattle

Daylight’s rising across the plains
This rig is streaking like a hellbound train
Albuquerque now, New Mexico
This.???.. one night show, yeah

* (And I’m) one step closer to the devil
One step further from the law
Lord I guess I’m just on borrowed time
But I’m one step closer to the
One step closer to the borderline

18 hours on this one long shift
Wanna hear the sweet sound of my tailgate lift
Lord I’m dying out on this road
Wanna see my baby, help me unload

* Repeat


Rolling stock now, shifting steel
Got a woman with a touch to heal
Diesel, dust and my wheels are humming
So close to home, can you feel me coming

* Repeat
To the borderline…
To the borderline


Lyric Borderline – UFO