Ad Noctum – Borknagar

As a cunning waver trapped in it’s line Facing the cold, stuck in the mould The magma here under makes […]

Colossus – Borknagar

Existence formed by substance unknown Prelude to matter, shift of disorder Completion of bonds between chaos and order The era […]

Oceans Rise – Borknagar

The noble morsel of the grand eternity Face the furious and black domain From where all the wisdom once came […]

Revolt – Borknagar

Spilt the blood upon existence Tracing trails, a furious tail Barely touching the mirror of reality The deformation of what […]

Witching Hour – Borknagar

The Nordic mirror lies black yet calm Reflects my shadow and heaven above The frost force the ocean up Past […]

The Eye Of Oden – Borknagar

the fields down there and the ravine below Where the elements feast in reckless desire A raven is seated Where […]