Colossus – Borknagar

Existence formed by substance unknown Prelude to matter, shift of disorder Completion of bonds between chaos and order The era of seasons, the essence of being The continuous process awakens the living Absorber of every flickering sun Arranging the pieces to vivid perfection The stream of mortality flows uncontrolled A boundless downward spiral to prospective […]

Oceans Rise – Borknagar

The noble morsel of the grand eternity Face the furious and black domain From where all the wisdom once came As a weak and stunning flare Yet so completed and clear In the eyes of the elementary existence May the fallen of eternity explode As primal instincts of devotion Where the seeds of chaos blow […]

Revolt – Borknagar

Spilt the blood upon existence Tracing trails, a furious tail Barely touching the mirror of reality The deformation of what depression denote A spiritual fusion, drown in conclusions Derail the path, the course that… The solar solace within the hideous Here upon the heralds of dawn The dawn of eternity A northern notability Revoke the […]

The Presence Is Ominous – Borknagar

Concealed by the essence, the profane Withdraws in manners of erosion Spine of the universal conflicts Swept towards a new domain Reversed in time, proceed in time Swallowed by dimensions Swallowed by the flames I see fear so clear in the eyes The eyes that burn by sight I see fear so clear when you […]

The Winter Way – Borknagar

The hands which made me sleep Was a shadow vague yet deep A creature, spine of the essence Drifting in the wind, clad as Sin The force behind my cause The hands that fold me within Awakened beneath a restless sky By mountains which darken the day Shadows, spiritual dust of my fathers – The […]

The Mountains Rove – Borknagar

Carving shame on the tender shields On my path I wandered high Acknowledged beneath the sky The hate I carried, recalling why! I walked towards the rising Autumn And cursed the summer with the promis of a Winter Where my foes will quiver in frost A circeling saga, not forever lost I came from the […]

Witching Hour – Borknagar

The Nordic mirror lies black yet calm Reflects my shadow and heaven above The frost force the ocean up Past the shores towards the mountain tops Spirals flash green glittering blitz never seen By the eyes of the selfpronounced clean Through shining mists past the planet of witz Mysterious realms still exist In this black […]

The Eye Of Oden – Borknagar

the fields down there and the ravine below Where the elements feast in reckless desire A raven is seated Where the sun cannot reach, only teriffic storms prevail In a thunderin’ havoc they ruthlessly roar My heart it beats the pulse of ancient times The countless rythem, the rattling stones My weapon cleanse the filth […]