Brand New Shine – Soul Asylum

But I suppose you’ve seen it all before
There’s one thing I’m trying to tell you
But then again, you’ve heard it all before

I survived another week just like the one
When everything you wanted somehow leaves
you wanting more
And I looked beneath the carpet behind
each and every door,
Trying to find you something like you’ve
never had before

And it seems we’re just beginners
No previous experience at all
Just the last original sinners
And if you need me just be sure to call

And they tell you which way not to go and
so you go that way
One child plays with??, another throws
it away
Like a kite without string go anywhere do
I’m trying to take you someplace you’ve
never been before

I see something new in each and every move
From your old, old hat to your blown-out
It’s tried and true, and it’s all I do
And I hope it’s not all the same to you
The old and new, they get mistaken all
the time
Is there something I’ve never seen before
No, just a brand new shine

Now they’re cranking ’em out by the
They look and act exactly just the same
And each one’s one in a million
And each has got its own elusive game

It’s the same old dusty atmosphere just
like the other place
I see something familiar in each and

Lyric Brand New Shine – Soul Asylum