Tragedy Bound – Bravery

Looking for clues I’m starting to suspect she likes abuse I’m starting to feel like she doesn’t feel Is there anybody in there? Tragedy Bound She is a mess Her daddy was a demon watching her dress He shriveled her down, wore her like a crown Is there anybody in there? All her life, she’s […]

Hot Pursuit – Bravery

Hot Pursuit You’ve got nowhere to run You’ve got nowhere to hide I know you won’t escape This time You can’t run far enough You can’t run fast enough You can’t outrun my love Hot pursuit, yeah I’m coming for ya Hot pursuit, yeah I’m gaining on ya You’re moving fast But you’ll never outlast […]

Bad Sun – Bravery

Like the spring we are such fools Like fall we are the prophets Like winter we are cruel I don’t know what’s wrong with us They just made us this way There’s a hole in you and me That pulls us together And I don’t know where we belong I think we grew under a […]

Swollen Summer – Bravery

Staring at the sunshine in my face Telling me to come and hide, come and play I’m telling you the sun never goes away And all I do is talk, talk, talk away I’m talking my life away I’m staring at the sun again Till everything’s fading It’s like a swollen summer What if I’m […]

This Is Not The End – Bravery

Come on tell me what you can Even as you wait for death your wiser than I am Tell me what does it mean to exist I am not a scientist I must believe there’s more to this And I can not accept That everything is real Is only what our eyes can see And […]

Out Of Line – Bravery

Hey sweet eliza rememeber me? i’m a lair but not a cheat, no i think its safe to say that I get carried away and liars aren’t fooling any one forgive me if im out of line i cant contol myself sometimes i think im sick but i might be wrong i think im wrong […]

Fistful Of Sand – Bravery

But in your eyes I see that I’m alone You’ve left me with your body in my arms But I can’t feel you anymore – You are gone I can touch your skin but you aren’t there Frustration burns in me, it’s more than I can bear I wanna take you in my fists and […]