No Brakes – Bravery

I slit the line But if you want me, it’s cool You can take me for a fool I could […]

Tyrant – Bravery

There’s a bouquet for me A corsage of promises And I am pinned Like a butterfly on a card I’m […]

Believe – Bravery

Waiting for our ship to come but our ships not coming back We do have time like pennies in a […]

Give In – Bravery

Everything that I’ll ever be All I want is everything Everyone that’s coming for me Nothing happens and everything is […]

Above And Below – Bravery

Sometimes I feel like I wanna leave this place for good Under the ground – I’ll live down there without […]

Tragedy Bound – Bravery

Looking for clues I’m starting to suspect she likes abuse I’m starting to feel like she doesn’t feel Is there […]

Hot Pursuit – Bravery

Hot Pursuit You’ve got nowhere to run You’ve got nowhere to hide I know you won’t escape This time You […]

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