Bad Sun – Bravery

Like the spring we are such fools Like fall we are the prophets Like winter we are cruel I don’t know what’s wrong with us They just made us this way There’s a hole in you and me That pulls us together And I don’t know where we belong I think we grew under a […]

Swollen Summer – Bravery

Staring at the sunshine in my face Telling me to come and hide, come and play I’m telling you the sun never goes away And all I do is talk, talk, talk away I’m talking my life away I’m staring at the sun again Till everything’s fading It’s like a swollen summer What if I’m […]

This Is Not The End – Bravery

Come on tell me what you can Even as you wait for death your wiser than I am Tell me what does it mean to exist I am not a scientist I must believe there’s more to this And I can not accept That everything is real Is only what our eyes can see And […]

Out Of Line – Bravery

Hey sweet eliza rememeber me? i’m a lair but not a cheat, no i think its safe to say that I get carried away and liars aren’t fooling any one forgive me if im out of line i cant contol myself sometimes i think im sick but i might be wrong i think im wrong […]

Fistful Of Sand – Bravery

But in your eyes I see that I’m alone You’ve left me with your body in my arms But I can’t feel you anymore – You are gone I can touch your skin but you aren’t there Frustration burns in me, it’s more than I can bear I wanna take you in my fists and […]