Break The Rules – Udo

But the time will come when they can’t hide it
Somebody says hey man – what’s up with you
I say “just make way” cause I’m sick of you

Sick ‘n tired of no good two faced liars
Buck here – buck there, that’s their sole desire
Leaders always put your life in fear
I don’t wanna see the world disappear

You got to burn it up – burn it up tonight
Cause the time has come for us – to put it right

You gotta break the rules, so keep the aces high
Break the rules – Break the rules
Burn ’em down with fire

No good thinking you don’t have the power
Cause it’s coming soon it’s gonna be our finest hour
All I do is smile because I’ve been thru this before
I know just how to play this game –
I’m kicking down your door

You got to burn it up – burn it up tonight…..

Lyric Break The Rules – Udo