Coprophagia – Broken Hope

Urine and feces meet my taste. Excrement, the smell makes one choke, When put upon my plate my fork shall […]

Earthburner – Broken Hope

Forged from the tears they shed The last chapter of a prophecy, I am a global catastrophie Sent from a […]

Peeled – Broken Hope

Strap you in my restraining chair Clean and hone my instruments Then the torture will begin Blood drips off your […]

Razor Cunt – Broken Hope

Terror to tube steak, a literal meat grinder Avoid the slut in the barbed wire thong Look in between her […]

Hobo Stew – Broken Hope

A sick individual, fetal cannibalizing bum I have a hunger, it goes to an extreme extent, Feeding out of abortion […]

Felching Vampires – Broken Hope

Sandpaper tongue tickles intestines, Cravings for blood, fetish for feces, Canines inserted, gurgling semen Suckling sweat, semen and blood Cold, […]

Waterlogged – Broken Hope

Water, H2O, soaking my pores, Lungs filling with fluid, impairing, Struggling beneath the surface for oxygen, I cannot, for my […]

War-Maggot – Broken Hope

A new warefare tool, a larvae implement Nuclear grown Super Larvae created to kill Toxic maggots implanted against one’s will […]

Cannibal Crave – Broken Hope

Graverobbing cemeteries, body parts I steal Using the meat and flesh, to consist of my meal, Often necrophilia invades my […]

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