I’m No Good – Brooks & Dunn

When the sun goes down And this godforsaken honky tonk ain’t likely to run out So won’t you come on home and save me Stop me before I drown ‘Cause I’m no good, pretty mama When you’re not around And there’s women in this town Whisperin’ in my ear Sayin’ things a man in my […]

Texas and Norma Jean – Brooks & Dunn

It was a foggy mornin’ south of San Jose We were sittin’ in a crowded coffee shop With nothin’ left to say My cup grew cold and a teardrop rolled Down her cheek and I brushed it away I remember it all just like yesterday And I see it now, I feel it still It’s […]

Whiskey Under The Bridge – Brooks & Dunn

There’s not a heart that ain’t been broken A lie that ain’t been spoken A shattered dream that brand new love can’t fix I’ve been burned, I’ve been cheated But this old heart’s still beating Ain’t no big deal It’s just whiskey under the bridge Let’s dance a little closer I’ll help you get over […]

Who Says There Ain’t No Santa – Brooks & Dunn

Got a wife and two kids, all gathered around A twenty-pound turkey, snow on the ground Who says there ain’t no Santa Claus Eric wants a glove, he tears into a box His eyes are wide with wonder, I sit back and watch Who says there ain’t no Santa Claus Chorus I haven’t heard a […]

Hard Workin’ Man – Brooks & Dunn

I’m a hard workin’ man I wear a steel hard hat I can ride, rope, hammer and paint Do things with my hands that most men can’t I can’t get ahead no matter how hard I try I’m gettin’ really good at barely gettin’ by Got everything I own By the sweat of my brow […]

Go West – Brooks & Dunn

That burning sunset in the sky Is calling out to us tonight I won’t work for my old man Anymore that you fit into your mammas plan There’s a place for people like you and me True love’s still got room to breathe And we can drive all night Into the morning light Let’s go […]

When She’s Gone, She’s Gone – Brooks & Dunn

Saw an old friend last night I hadn’t seen in a couple of years Stopped in Galatoire’s had a couple of beers Talked about the price of oysters, the coach at LSU Then like I knew it would the conversation turned to you He had to go and I looked at my watch, it was […]

Heartbroke Out Of My Mind – Brooks & Dunn

Well I’m flyin’ high and feelin’ low Drinkin’ hard and dancin’ slow I’m gonna shine my buckle to George Jones Heartaches are hot on my heels, bartender the race is on She’s gone for good and I’m goin’ to town I’m gonna live it up, ya livin’ her down Josй pick me up and get […]

Your Love Don’t Take A Backseat To Nothing – Brooks & Dunn

I get down with music and guitars I fool around with all kinds of fast cars It takes you baby to keep my motor running I smoke the tires and watch the rubber burn It takes your fire to make my wheels turn Make my blood run hot and keeps my heart a humming But […]

Don’t Look Back Now – Brooks & Dunn

He doesn’t want your love But he can’t say goodbye He’s beggin’ you to stay But he can’t tell you why You finally made your move Your hand is on the door You know the rest is hard You’ve been this far before Don’t look back now He’s gonna see you cryin’ You’ll turn around […]

My Kind Of Crazy – Brooks & Dunn

A hundred miles an hour Out on highway 10 Top down burning up the night again Ain’t no one can catch you But girl I’m gonna try I can see that dangerous look in your eyes You’re my kind of crazy Full moon saying you know what I like How about it baby Let’s you […]

When Love Dies – Brooks & Dunn

Love conquers all and someday it’ll conquer you There’s nothing finer than falling all in it When love is true But once it goes out and breaks your heart It still aint history When love dies it dont rest in peace You can lock your doors and windows To keep the pain at bay Yesterday […]

A Few Good Rides Away – Brooks & Dunn

I was sittin’ in a truckstop Watchin’ tumbleweeds roll by Tryin’ to read the menu When the waitress caught my eye She pulled a pencil from her hair And leaned across the bar I did my best not to stare But man, she made it hard I asked that trucker next to me Hey, what […]

Way Gone – Brooks & Dunn

Way gone for my sweet baby So strong and I dont mean maybe If I’m wrong then I dont know nothing ‘Cause I’m way gone for her sweet loving Way gone she’s my one and only So long to sad and lonely She waltzed into my world Now I’m way gone for my sweet girl […]

Mama Don’t Get Dressed Up For Nothing – Brooks & Dunn

She said hey cowboy get off of that couch Yeah, the party’s on and we’re goin’ out I got my low cut dress and my knee highboots I’m like money to burn and nothing to lose You’re the man of the house you better think of something ‘Cause Mama don’t get dressed up for nothing […]

The Long Good-bye – Brooks & Dunn

You should set them free But it sure is hard to do It sure is hard to do I know they say if it don’t come back again Then it’s meant to be (so they say) Those words don’t pull me through Cause I’m still in love with you I spend each day here waiting […]

Feels Good Don’t It – Brooks & Dunn

What’s it like girl To have somebody love you With a love Too good to be true You oughta know Feels good don’t it How bout those lonely nights You used to pray Something like this Would come your way Thank your lucky stars Lucky’s what we are Feels good don’t it Some people go […]

Born And Raised In Black And White – Brooks & Dunn

Makes some people go insane While others quietly pray for rain That’s where we came from Two boys playing in the burning sun One with books and one with guns Mama calls but just one comes The other one runs With a Christian sense of wrong and right We were born and raised in black […]

I Can’t Get Over You – Brooks & Dunn

I forget where I’m goin’ in my own house I got myself in this, I’ll get myself out I talk out loud, at the top of my voice I sing Whoa keep the faith, see what tomorrow brings I can’t get over you Try as I may oh it no use My heart just cant […]

South Of Santa Fe – Brooks & Dunn

Where the rain dont fall and the grass dont grow The older part of New Mexico I drifted into town one day And stumbled in on a lost cafe Shades were pulled and the door was locked Something made me knock Time stood still when she opened the door I didnt know where I was […]

Good Day to Be Me – Brooks & Dunn

Some say a holy war is comin’ Gonna be the end of mortal man There’s a TV preacher sayin’ Armageddon is at hand Sayin’ the Jews, the Gays, the Junkies The Politicians and Infidels Have conjured up the devil Upon the gates of hell I turn on the TV Lord I can’t believe my eyes […]

Temptation #9 – Brooks & Dunn

And I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout the changes love has put me through I’ve told myself it’s got to end I’ve had enough and I ain’t goin’ back again I’ve watched ’em come I’ve watched ’em go Six, seven, eight and I can still say no And then tonight you came along Only a fool would […]

Good Girls Go To Heaven – Brooks & Dunn

Some girls go to church on Sunday Live life by the golden rule You got girls gonna graduate one day Suma cum laude from party school Some they walk the straight and narrow Some girls they just don’t care Good girls go to heaven Bad girls… . go everywhere Some girls are into heavy metal […]

Mexican Minutes – Brooks & Dunn

Up in the city it’s crazy and concrete cold Living life at the speed of light leaves dark in your soul When every minute’s got a heart attack in it It’s time to leave it alone So I don’t think we’re gonna beat this postcard home We’re down to the worm in the bottle The […]

Every River – Brooks & Dunn

Once upon a time Somewhere in your past Someone said forever But that promise didn’t last Now you don’t believe Love is ever true Steel yourself against the day When I stopped loving you When the day comes that I don’t love you Every star will fall out of the sky And every mountain will […]

It Won’t Be Christmas Without You – Brooks & Dunn

The fire’s burnin’ bright Shadows dancin’ In the pale candlelight Life should be a rainbow But it’s blue It won’t be Christmas without you I wrapped up all your presents Wrote my name on every card I just can’t help it baby I’m taking this so hard You tell me, what’s a man to do […]