Not Guilty – Bryan Adams

Who are you to say I’m crazy? Ain’t a crime of passion comin’ on strong I’m only trying to treat […]

It’s Only Love – Bryan Adams

There ain’t no use pretendin’ Don’t ya worry – It’s only love When your world has been shattered Ain’t nothin’ […]

Getaway – Bryan Adams

in your best friend’s car knocked on my door about five thirty nursing a broken heart still got your keys […]

This Time – Bryan Adams

She’s my fantasy An image burnin’ in my mind Callin’ out to me While my imagination’s runnin’ wild Yeah – […]

House Arrest – Bryan Adams

Yeah we’re invitin’ all the girls – invitin’ all the boys There’ll be dancin’ on the tables dancin’ on the […]

Tonight – Bryan Adams

Now your ass is on the line. Who do you think you’re foolin’ We ain’t got the time. Don’t try […]

Into The Fire – Bryan Adams

Sometimes you’re lucky Sometimes you’re better off dead Your first breath is taken and in to the world you are […]

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