Buffy – Velvet Chain

Music: J. Stacy/E. Amato

Where forces of darkness abound
The demons and vamps always come around
To satisfy lust for the kill
To feed on the living, and love evil
But when they rise up into the night
The slayer will come, the slayer will fight
With powers reserved – the Chosen One
In each generation, there’s only one…

Buffy… she’s the slayer, oh yeah
Buffy… the vampire slayer…

The danger is real, oh Chosen One
You probably won’t see even 21
You’re missing your life to defend
The world again…

Buffy… she’s the slayer, oh yeah
Buffy… the vampire slayer…
— Oooohaaa… she’s the slayer
— Ohhhhhhh yeah… the vampire slayer

Nothing else you can do – So much riding on you
Every time you make plans – Hell’s mouth opens again

Waiting by a grave – Wait for them to rise
You want nothing more – Than a social life
Then you fall in love – With a vampire guy
Cause he has a soul – Looks too good to die
Wants to help you fight – Cause now he feels all guilty
Could we – Have more irony

You’re the Chosen One – Your boyfriend is a demon
Who wants to be a saint – But gets all rearranged
Cause on your 17th – When you two hit the sheets
The magic spell goes wrong – And Angel’s soul is gone…

Buffy, she’s the slayer
— Ohhhhhhh yeahЎ¤
The vampire slayer

Where forces of darkness abound

Lyric Buffy – Velvet Chain