Burning Star – Symphorce

The shadows are on your side as lights go down
In the darkest place you find a tune of itґs own
Like the haze of the afterglow jaws will part
When the storm is about to blow words fall out
For rumors in the wake of such a lonely crowd
Iґm changing my name just as the sun goes down
through the years of emptiness in darkest souls
yearning to be held by you, but you feel cold!
Show me your secrets and tell me your name
try to remember again and again
Now as the fog has lifted, you can see somehow lost weґll find our way,
in a dream. Echoes growing in the heart of twilight. I wouldnґt say that
were ruthless or right
The blood on the hands of the one
who has covered the sun
If I were born another time, I ґll have my place. In different worlds
weґve been, another world in space

I just canґt help myself

Lyric Burning Star – Symphorce