Performer BUSH

Everything Zen – Bush

Maybe find another lover Should I fly to Los Angeles Find my asshole brother Minnie(?) Mouse has grown up a […]

No Chaser – Bush

Face I live with Always be there Face I live with Abcess memory with broken fingers All the fallen down […]

Mouth – Bush

You have some machine soul machine. Soul of Machine. The longest kiss. Feeling furniture days. Drift madly to you. Pollute […]

Synapse – Bush

Deaf again. Just a skinfull. What we choose to forget. Thinking you know. Thinking you see all sides. Crossing a […]

Testosterone – Bush

I’m real proud of my manhood I like to smoke Ten thousands of cigarillos Eight ball I could climb any […]

History – Bush

Nothing is wrong I am always a little late Probably will probably won’t Get this disease cut out my throat […]

Distant Voices – Bush

Cos all there is, is faded for us today Maybe you sleep well in your head Don’t bring on the […]

Insect Kin – Bush

Deal woth you like a bad spell See the trail moon burns red stripe and the vicadin You were the […]

Little Things – Bush

Every night Loaded on wrong And further from right Spinning around Two howling moons Cos there always there Whatever I […]

Bomb – Bush

Thought I’d be with you until the end How did I know that I would be there Blow me away […]

Glycerine – Bush

Must be for real cos now I can feel And I didn’t mind It’s not my kind Not my time […]

Swim – Bush

Came here today Helmet was on You blew me away House is on fire We’re naked again Maybe all we […]

Alien – Bush

We give eachother all we know In silence we still talk By the light of the stereo waltz And will […]