Butter-Bust Jerky – Anvil

All I need is a lady
With more than average size
She’s gotta be a bit crazy
Won’t take no compromise
If she can fill a “D” cup
It’s good enough to keep me up

Get you down on your backside
I wanna see your wares
Gonna mount you for a good ride
Nothing else compares
Takin’ one into each hand
Do as I command

Doin’ the Butter-Bust Jerky
We’re gonna get down and dirty
Doin’ the Butter-Bust Jerky
And makin’ me feel so good

Dip your fingers in the butter
Spread it all across your chest
In between one another
You know what I like best
Push ’em close together
The tighter the better


-Verse 1-

Doin’ the Butter-Bust Jerky

Lyric Butter-Bust Jerky – Anvil