C. B. A – Demolition

I Don’t Know Where It Comes From
Maybe That I’m Dreaming But No One Wakes Me Up
There Are So Many Questions
They’re Burning In My Head
I Wanna Know The Reason Why I’m Feeling So Bad

Maybe It’s The Weather
Or Just My Horoscope, Man
I Can’t Find The Reason My Blood Is Running Slow
Maybe There’S A Master
Is Watching You And Me
I Think That We Are Nothing But Puppets On A String

No, This Can’t Be All
I Know There Must Be More
Searchin For The Way
No, This Can’t Be All

People Are Walking
Like Cyborgs On The Streets; And
You Have To Work As Long As Your Heart Beat
Inside I’m Cold And Empty
No Power In My Veins
I Try To Move My Limbs But Nobody Breaks My Chains

No, This Can’t…

No, This Can’t…

Wake Up In The Morning
And Have A Look Around; No
We Won’t Hear The Warning

Lyric C. B. A – Demolition