Can’t You See? – Total

You just don’t know what you do to me…
*Puffy(Bad Boy)

Rap by Notorious B. I. G.:
Uh, Give me all the chicken heads
From Pasadena to Medina
Bet Big get in between ya
Then peek the prognosis, doses
Blends and Bends like Twizzlers
Biggie’s fitting to hurt
What’s under that skirt?
*Puffy(Slow down, n*gga, you’re killin ’em)
Who fillin ’em with octane?
Got ’em gassed up
‘Bout to get blast up, son
The last one, word to your mother
Brother, listen
I’ve seen it when they kissed ’em at the wake
Made his body shake
The high guy in 850i’s smoke tint
Rap terror, full chromed Anteras
True fly by the rivers but this is conspicuous
Bad Boys slipped in ninety-five ridiculous
My rap rhymes is like land mines
One step, ka-boom, black suits fill the room
To whom it may concern, Junior Mafia’s the click
Act up, I’ll have my honeys Total bust your sh*t

Verse 1:
In the middle of the day now baby,
I seem to think of only you.
Never thinking for a moment baby,
That you’d be thinking of me too, yeah.
So I can’t wait for the day,
That we can be together,
I can’t let you walk away.
Oh, can’t you see, you and me,
Were meant to be, oh baby,
And there’s nothing left to say.

Oh baby can’t you see,
What you do to me?
Our love was meant to be,
You were meant for me.

Verse 2:
Every time I see you,
I get this feeling, oh yeah.
Telling me you are the one,

Lyric Can’t You See? – Total