Candles – Crown Of Thorns

Silently watching the candles glow
Staring into the brightest flame
It burns like we used to do
Casting long, dark shadows
twisted shapes dancing on the walls
As the wind blows cold my candle dies
Now everything disappears
Reaching out my hands but no-one is
ever there
Screaming empty silence
For a moment I thought we all were dead
But now the candle burns again

So many years wishing I was yours
All the tears have bleed my heart dry
beating out emptiness, cut and open wide
I feel nothing and of nothing do I dream
Lost in hopelessness
I never thought I would forget
Closing myself to remember
Searching deep inside (a sparkle)
And the candle burns again
Burns again, Burns again, Burns again, Burns again

Watching all these numb people with stiff faces
carrying their dead children and never-lit candles
All these old men of Power
ensnared in a net of their own “wisdom”
Dry dust
Spread from their
Dead lips

Lyric Candles – Crown Of Thorns