Performer CARCASS

Vomited Anal Tract – Carcass

Rectal extroversion… Your vagus implodes, as nausea strikes Savaging your body in terminal retch Violent spasms and decaying enzymes Engulf […]

This Is Your Life – Carcass

The spirit distilled, the soul is bought. The D. N. A. split, the virus is caught. The germination of reproduction, […]

Splattered Cavities – Carcass

Perspiring ulcerous chancre – splattered on your wall Necro-cellular lesions – the stench of staining scabs Scraped up by medics, […]

Psychopathologist – Carcass

The stench of the canker brings me no tears Festering tumours of cancerous decay Gnawed and chewed by maggots with […]

Exhume To Consume – Carcass

To remove the corrupted stiffs Trying to contain my excitement As I desecrate graveolent crypts… Fingers claw at coffin lids […]

Edge Of Darkness – Carcass

A rising, bleak dawn A permanent sunset On the human condition A boot perpetually treads Illumination snuffed Fowards on time […]

Tools Of The Trade – Carcass

Forceps, grooved awl, retractors, needles Gouges and saws, Intestinal clamps, blunt dissectors, Scalpels, pins, toothed directors. Tools of the trade, […]

Heartwork – Carcass

Works of art, painted black Magniloquent, bleeding dark Monotonous palate, murky spectrum, grimly unlimited Food for thought, so prolific In […]

Embodiment – Carcass

This effigy of flesh, corporeal christi, nailed In submission to this false idol, seeking deliverance >From this spiritual hierarchy, downward […]

R**K The Vote – Carcass

Hands In Another’s Pocket, The Bed They Make, Is Not The One In Which They Lie, The Same Old Faces, […]

Incarnated Solvent Abuse – Carcass

Reaving fats from corporal griskin Culled…for sodden gelatine brayed Skeletal groats triturated, desinently Exsiccated, sere glutenate brewed For frivolous solvent […]

Child’s Play – Carcass

Raised In A Nursery Of Rumbling Brick, Rusted Iron, Cracked Stone And Steel, Nurtured In A Barren Concrete Crib, In […]

Black Star – Carcass

Black Star, Jewel Of The Night, Black Star, Burning Bright, Magnificent Sun, A Beacon Burning, Five Pointed Coal, A Guide […]

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