Performer CARS

Let’s Go – Cars

She’s making a play and she can’t go wrong She never waits too long She’s winding them down on her […]

Getting Through – Cars

All flaked out in Tinsel Town Circus mouth shooting all directions With TV ads that sell erections CHORUS I got […]

Double Life – Cars

It takes a slow star lady if you want to do it twice You take your backseat rumble Take your […]

Misfit Kid – Cars

I go through insanity, all they want is money All these parties get so habitual The same sea of faces […]

Down Boys – Cars

And it didn’t work out You were trying to be charming And it didn’t come off You were trying to […]

You Might Think – Cars

To hang around with you Maybe you think I’m lucky To have something to do But I think that you’re […]

Panorama – Cars

No surprises, no impressions Hey, what’s wrong with you tonight Just sitting on your can can Doing the panoram With […]

Hello Again – Cars

The journey ends You tied your knots You made your friends You left the scene Without a trace One hand […]