Aurora Borealis – Catamenia

while the burning sky gives hope owls watching the dying wanderer flames in the sky, freezing night Why is the sky so bright at night who put the flames in our lives… northern lights winds are so cold and he knows the only hope is to follow the flames in the northern sky Guide me […]

The Forests Of Tomorrow – Catamenia

denying the story that believes in past knowing there’s something imposing to come. Moon, you are my goddess night, you are my hope trees are the shades behind me. Wolves, you are my courage ravens, you are my sight winds are the strength in my mind. Frozen ground saves me from the past close your […]

Shadeweaver’s Season – Catamenia

the widowmaker’s fall and it takes no reason to tear you apart. Cast a side your enlighted soul I’ll tell you story untold throw away your mask so proud I’ll do it with or without. As came the time shadows seize the day without passion, life went on anyway thought it should end, and my […]