Stained Glass Horizon – Cathedral

Stained glass horizon Trapped in tombs of day No energy to run – nowhere to escape Fortune left behind you Blank dice is your gain Opium moon is rising The summer it never came Your spirit reigns In the curch of hell’s domain Love’s stained glass world You can’t see through Black dove is a […]

Hypnos 164 – Cathedral

Paralysed Sunset, Blind Eyes To The Dawn Form Magic Wings – Drift Through Black Skies Crystal Voyager Eternal In Peace Sends Dreams To Humans – Laid To Rest In Weary Sleep Superior Liefeform With Velvet Textured Tongue Licks My Conscience – Feel The Anger And Pain!!!! Pleasure Drips Forth From Lovely Blue Eyes Ride Upon […]

Golden Blood (Flooding) – Cathedral

Crystal towers I’ve yearned to explore Shatter as I enter their doors, Splinters sink into tender parts of me Devouring my inmost quality Floating through a whimsical breeze To the pitfalls of discoveries Assasin of visual fallacy Dispel aspiration, uncover travesty, Fading convictions losing clarity Descending to depths of insobriety Golden blood flooding from me […]

Enter The Worms – Cathedral

ruby hilted swords, unfailing crucifixes, striking the mortal cords, huge violent serpents in volumes rolled, all holy poisons poured in cups of gold. Ooh these instruments so blessed and old, here lay death’s sceptre — truth untold without mercy or Chorus: Love, forgiveness — excile me, blades of goodness set me free, madness my destiny, […]

Ashes You Leave – Cathedral

Weep for thy solemn dearth, and for thy chill despair. Chorus: Ashes you leave: as you ascend from me. Ooh! Your face, the furnace of my soul, the endless lies that we told, clear blue waters in which we bathe, the yesterdays we failed to save. Still I see, and we cannot be. Chorus: Ashes […]

Midnight Mountain – Cathedral

Sliding down the mountain, as dusk passes to day. The antidote of elation, now lifeless masses wake. Jaws of suxiety open, the luring vampire of agility, a fatal invitation, sight hazing from me. Oh midnight mountain, I require, inner relocation, back to pinnacles high. Drowning in empty faces, sinking in banal, I crave the isolation […]

Autumn Twilight – Cathedral

I got those midnight circles And I pray deceived Ooh how I despise you (memories) Tongue tasting moonlight A tribute to my pain We could last fornever (another game?) Here in Autumn Twilight Morphia cursed delight I got those midnight circles I drawn the hanged man Movin towards Winter (yes I am) Eyes seek inner […]