Birth Machine 2000 – Cathedral

Evilution – Minds on the production line Imagination drenched – within conformist slime Plastic education – Microwavable brains Cooking on […]

The Devils Summit – Cathedral

Inside your funky luv machine Those mutha’s Are fleeing the nest To join our Brother/sister soul machine With hesitation I […]

Sea Serpent – Cathedral

Flying high through a bloodshot sky I fall back down to my water grave Walking Dead when you leave me […]

Inertias Cave – Cathedral

Inertias cave surrounds my heart Stallactites crashing down In stinking shades delusion cascades Of torment, yes I crave Here with […]

Phaser Quest – Cathedral

Starlight laser points at you Sing to the ghost of summers blue Layback, transcend into the moon Mother of wisdoms’ […]

Magnetic Hole – Cathedral

In this magnetic hole, descension the only quest Our lips are green within the burial of life itself Oh glorious […]

Hypnos 164 – Cathedral

Paralysed Sunset, Blind Eyes To The Dawn Form Magic Wings – Drift Through Black Skies Crystal Voyager Eternal In Peace […]

Enter The Worms – Cathedral

ruby hilted swords, unfailing crucifixes, striking the mortal cords, huge violent serpents in volumes rolled, all holy poisons poured in […]

Autumn Twilight – Cathedral

I got those midnight circles And I pray deceived Ooh how I despise you (memories) Tongue tasting moonlight A tribute […]