Heavy Load – Cathedral

He had some bad news for you A final warning – The cards you’re playing – Are turning back on […]

Whores To Oblivion – Cathedral

We’ve sold our souls for – empty lies Indoctrinations circle writhes In persecuted brainwashed minds Master of this empty void […]

Revolution – Cathedral

Scientific mind control – Zombiefied Human Race Skeleton of cosmic sky – The Devil man has eaten away Frozen sun […]

Ride – Cathedral

scopeless material in ruthless demand, concrete spectacle superficially grand, divine animation buried in sand. Chorus: Well rise from the ashes […]

Blue Light – Cathedral

Wanin autumn, winter blue Tonight we dance in praise of you Oh reper scream a silent serenade Of tunes above […]

Vampire Sun – Cathedral

Skull of god with the devils eyes Crowned in fire sodden sky Beaming rays of genocide Into virtues magic lie […]

Cosmic Funeral – Cathedral

Winged Disciples Of The Nocturn Dream Descend Upon The Fortress Of The Tyrants Creed In Their Search For Midas, How […]

Suicide Asteroid – Cathedral

Through natures eye, earth sinners fly On a suicide asteroid Trans-mutation – space rejection The hellish fleet must die Grim […]

Captain Clegg – Cathedral

Captain Clegg and his smuggling pirates ride With contraband of the finest Brandy and Wine Hidden inside a macabre coffin […]

Dragon Ryder 13 – Cathedral

Flames are high – lightning fuelling my veins Dragon appears, i saddle up again Purple rain – anguished odyssey Cosmic […]

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